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Electronic component and assembly expert

In Global Technology organization, in the Electronics & Materials Expertise lab, you will support the different Group entities for the qualification and failure analysis of electronic component and assemblies.
Under the leadership of the technological referent of the domain, and with high action autonomy, you will perform the analyses requested by the lab internal customers, executing the following steps:
· reception of the request (clarification and understanding of the need, definition, quotation and scheduling of the action plan)
· qualification action plan execution (detailed qualification plan setup, preparation of the qualification means, follow-up of tests)
· failure analysis execution, to identify the failure mechanism, the root cause, and propose the corrective actions
· for each of these cases, practice of the appropriate analyses activities (sample preparation, optical observation, X ray inspection, electronic microscopy…) or eventually lead subcontracted tasks.
· expertise report elaboration, demonstrating the results, providing conclusions and corrective action proposals, for the current or the futures similar cases
· support of the internal customers (result interpretation, advises for next step)

Based on the cumulated experience, you will contribute to the capitalization of the acquired knowledge, formalizing design guidelines or recommendation to be shared within the Group to improve the product quality
You will contribute to the lab life, for its maintenance and evolution, in the frame of the progress plan and the 5S approach.
You have a Master degree in the domain of materials, applied to electronics, preferentially with a strong lab experience (3 years): mastery of lab analysis and characterization, sample preparation, MEB, X Ray,,.
You have a strong technological knowledge of the different electronic component families and assemblies.
You have the qualities required for the team work and a customer oriented attitude.
You master English language, being able to lead an international technical exchange with several contributors and to write reports and technical documents with this language.

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