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Job description

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities

·  Demonstrates a high degree of independence in evaluating and solving synthetic problems. Independently solves synthetic problems without supervision with/without literature. Understands and effectively conducts and interprets laboratory experiments utilizing established internal and existing literature procedures.
·  Timely prepares, scales up and purify new compounds and known compounds for in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Maintains an accurate and current lab notebook and analytical data; records all necessary information. Effectively multi-tasks within the lab.
·  Acts as a source of information and as a mentor in technical skills. Remains current in organic synthesis; has basic understanding about medicinal chemistry and necessary computer skills for work. Proposes and explores synthetic routes to specific target compounds with significant independence; demonstrates advanced technical skills.
·  Has a developing knowledge of medicinal chemistry, broadened SAR understanding of MDO and DMPK related aspects. May propose new compounds for SAR development. Writes up experimental procedures and data for publication or patent filing.
·  Presents progress and new proposals in various forums within pRED China. Effectively communicates with external partners.
·  Capably coaches junior chemists. Regularly accepts tasks beyond personal roles and responsibilities.
·  Maintains a safe and organized work environment. Complies with relevant SOP's.

Qualification and Experience


·  A Ph. D degree in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry, or an MS degree in organic/medicinal chemistry with at least 3 years experience in organic synthesis, or a BS degree in chemistry with at least 6 years experience in organic synthesis

Leadership Competencies

·  Ability to work in computer and new technology oriented research environment
·  Good communication skills as well as an ability to work in a multi-function team

Job Required Competencies

·  Ability to do synthetic chemistry on small (mg) and large (kg) scale
·  Experience in analysis and purification technology for organic compounds
·  Fluent in reading and writing in English
·  The following are highly preferred:
·  Be able to effectively converse in English

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