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Regional Marketing Leader

  • Par Roche
  • Shanghai (中华人民共和国)

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Principle Roles & Responsibilities / Accountabilities主要职责/责任

·  Lead local mkt team to develop and i mplement effective local marketing plan based on the regional market status, keeping align with whole strategy , close cooperation with central mkt , sales team.


·  Lead local mkt team members to define the regional mkt issues, opportunities and mkt objectives


·  Fully communicate with central mkt team, sales team and local mkt team to well develop local mkt plan and deliver to sales team


·  Fully communicate with related functions and prompt local event executed on time and monthly tracking the progress to ensure business objective realized


·  Lead the sales team training program under the cooperation with CTD to help improve the sales team professionalism

CTD 合作,负责销售培训工作, 协助提高 销售 团队的专业性

·  Develop the regional sales team training plan under the cooperation with CTD


·  Execute the training program and lead local mkt team to train sales team during DSM monthly meeting

带领区域市场团队跟进培训计划的执行,并跟进区域市场团队参加销售月度会议辅导培训一线销售role play及产品专业知识

·  Tracking the training program progress and evaluate the professionalism


·  Develop and manage KOL


·  Coach team to manage, maintain and update KOL and speaker's profiles.


·  Responsible for regional meeting and activities' reviewing


·  KOL routine visit


·  Plan and ensure successful implementation of pertinent activity and KOL development plan


·  Manage the regional marketing budget


·  Monitor and manage market program budgets within financial limit and ensure compliant.


·  Team management


·  Coach and development people


·  Team capability and efficiency continuous improvement


·  Motivate and engage the team to cultivate a high performing team culture


·  Identify and retain talents


Hiring qualification andrequirements 录用条件及要求

Years of Working Experience 工作年限 :

At least 5 years' experience in pharmaceutical industry


At least 2 years' experience at managerial level in marketing unit of major or joint venture Pharma. Company


Education/Qualifications 教育程度 / 所获资格证书

University Degree and above


Medication, marketing, commerce preferred


Pass all Roche mandatory training courses before required timeline within probation


Meet Roche Values 符合罗氏价值观要求

Integrity: We are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine

诚信: 我们一如既往地做到开诚布公、秉承职业操守、真实无瑕

Courage: We are entrepreneurial and thus take risks, reach beyond boundaries and experiment.

勇气: 我们勇于创业因而敢于冒险、突破界限、不断实验

Passion: We use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others.

激情: 用我们的动力和热诚去激励、感染、鼓舞他人

Leadership Competencies 领导者胜任力

•Take genuine interest in people / 我对员工付出真正的关怀

•Listen carefully, tell the truth and explain “the why” /我仔细倾听、坦诚直言并解释“为什么”

•Empower and trust people to make decisions /我授权并信赖员工作决定

•Discover and develop the potential in people /我发现并开发员工的潜力

•Strive for excellence and extraordinary result /我追求卓越和非凡的业绩

•Set priorities and simplify work/我设定事务的优先顺序并简化工作

•Congratulate people for a job well done/我对工作出色的员工表示祝贺

Job Required Competencies 岗位所需胜任力

·  Professional knowledge of medicine 专业医药知识
·  Advanced knowledge of Marketing skill高级市场专业知识
·  Project management skills项目管理技能
·  Budget planning and controlling预算计划与控制
·  Leadership skill 团队领导技能

Language skills—English & Chinese语言能力-英语和中文

·  Who we are

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À propos de Roche

La société présente depuis 2004 deux sections parallèles, le secteur pharmaceutique et le secteur diagnostic. Numéro un mondial dans les médicaments contre le cancer ainsi qu'en virologie, le groupe dirigé par le Dr Severin Schwan se focalise essentiellement dans la « médecine individualisée ».

La société est présente commercialement dans 150 pays. Son siège se situe à Bâle en Suisse. Son chiffre d'affaires s'est élevé en 2016 à 50,576 milliards de francs suisses. La société a dépensé 9,915 milliards de francs suisses en recherche et développement. En 2016, l'entreprise compte 94 000 salariés environ

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