Expire bientôt Hyatt Hotel

Food & Beverage Secretary

  • Shanghai (CHINA)

Description de l'offre

x· 为部门领导提供行政支持,并确保作为行政管理手段执行酒店的相关制度、标准和程序。

Provides administrative support to Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Division; ensures the implementation of hotel policies, standards, and procedures as they apply to the administrative functions.

· 录入、分类并保管所有涉及到部门内部和部门机密的资料。

Types, files, and upkeeps all private and confidential matters related to the department.

· 建立一个系统化和高效化的表格系统,不仅有文本文档,也要有电子文档,以便快速查找或补救文档。同时确保无论何时所有文件都不断更新。

Sets up a systematic and efficient filing system, both for hardcopies as well as all electronic data, that

enables quick retrieval; ensures all files are kept up-to-date at all times.

· 为部门领导准备所有参会的相关资料,比如每日运营会议,执行委员会会议,部门会议以及临时召开的特别会议。

Prepares the relevant materials for all meetings attended by Executive Chef: Daily Operations Meeting, Executive Committee Meetings, Departmental Meetings and ad hoc meetings. Answers telephone and gives information to callers or routes call to appropriate official and places out- going calls.

· 备份往来信件或者其他打印资料。

Makes copies of correspondence or other printed matters.Prepares out-going mail.

· 能笔录会议纪要、草拟信函,分类归档文件,撰写信件。

Types, takes dictation and minutes, draft letters, files and traces and composes correspondence.

· 在部门办公区域,监督并保持礼貌的言谈举止。

Monitors and maintains the proper appearance of the Division's office area.

· 处理外发的邮件、快递。

Handles out-going mails by courier.

· 在将旅行授权表格交予财务总监签字前确保该表格已填写完整并由各部门经理签字。

Ensures travel authorisation forms are fully completed and signed by the respective executive before handing over to the Director of Finance for signature.

· 处理每月的文具、常用物品的申请。

Handles monthly requisition of stationeries/general and dry goods stores.

· 检查并更新员工出勤记录,以提交部门总监/经理批准,并在转交给人力资源/统计部门前获得员工个人签名。

Checks and updates associates' attendance records for Executive Chef's approval and obtain individual associate's signature before forwarding it to Human Resources/Accounting.