Stage Oil Well Cementing

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Stage Oil Well Cementing

Oil Well Cementing - early age physical-chemistry

In the preparation of oil well cementing slurries, first seconds after mixing are critical. Early cement hydration reactions are concomitant with dissolution and adsorption of organic admixtures (such as dispersants, retarders, fluid loss control additives…). The objective of this internship is to develop experimental techniques and get a better insight on the complex interactions between mineral hydration and organic admixtures at the very early stages of mixing.

This study will comprise conductivity, calorimetry, adsorption and rheology studies as well as structure property relationship development. The expected outcome of this study is an adapted methodology to improve admixtures performance through early stage efficacy development.
Stage de 6 months, à partir de Janvier 2017

Formation : 3rd year chemical engineering school
Connaissances : physical chemistry, polymer, formulation, rheology

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