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Casting Administration Associate, Original Film

  • Internship
  • Los Angeles (Los Angeles)
  • Sales

Job description

·  primary/initial point of contact between Netflix and talent agents and attorneys with respect to non-Schedule F actor contracts; 
·  draft all non-Schedule F (actor, stunt performer, pilot, singer, dancer, looping) contracts and send them to the production office and/or the actor’s representative(s) for signature; 
·  work with production attorneys to prepare and negotiate riders to such agreements as necessary; responsible for ensuring agreements are signed and processed in accordance w/ Netflix policies;
·  work with other groups, including Studio Engineering, in the continuing development of a  Casting Administration internal database/website to ensure project, performer and agent information is complete, including contact information, deal points, credit, role, etc.;
·  analyze and update forms and templates to improve the efficiency of teams;
·  review project-specific cast contracts to ensure accuracy of contracts, signature, and payments for original films;
·  advise post production on cast contract requirements when moving, splitting, and deleting scenes, and ADR payments;
·  advise and educate producers, casting, production, finance, post-production and production legal (in-house and external) of the requirements under the SAG-AFTRA (and/or other performer unions) contracts; 
·  Review all Looping deal memos received from the post supervisor and/or loop group assigned to the project to ensure compliance with Netflix policies and SAG rules; draft, review and obtain signatures of all Looping contracts, and enable access to signed agreements to all internal stakeholders.