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Retail Assimilation Coordinator

  • Amsterdam (Montgomery County)
  • Marketing

Job description

The Retail Assimilation Coordinator will be responsible for:

· Working with the recruiting team and hiring managers to coordinate the start date and pre-work that must be accomplished prior to the new employee starting.
· New Hire Initiation Call
· Assigning training
· Periodic check-ins with the new hire via conference call (to also include the manager, mentor and area manager)
· Final conference call to certify the new hire has completed all training and is ready to begin helping clients (Manager, Buddy and Area Manager all to concur)
· Regular Buddy Certifications which include setting minimum buddy standards, check-ins with their manager periodically to ensure their ongoing qualification, and adding and orienting new buddies as assigned by the management team.
· Coordinating with the training team on all assigned training curriculum and schedules for each job family
· Coordinating all Hire Ahead Development Programs such as The Branch Manager Trainee Program

The new hire will attend all mandatory classroom training and on-line training, and work with a buddy in between classes to shadow and practice the skills required. The new hire will NOT work with a client until all training and the mentorship period has been satisfactorily completed.

Retail Assimilation Coordinator conducts a conference call with all new employees on their first day.

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :


·  Highly motivated – Self Driven
·  Strong organizational skills
·  Strong oral and written Communication – communicates effectively – as there may be some interaction and communication with Area Leadership
·  Effective Leadership /Coaching skillset
·  Strong Interpersonal qualities
·  Sales Experience – working knowledge of our Sales Process (EDRAS, Branding message etc.)
·  Strong skillset in working independently as well as collaborating with a team


·  Strong working knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint
·  Problem/Resolution skillset