Micro service implementation of security IOT components M/F

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Micro service implementation of security IOT components M/F

This internship deals with the security of IOT platforms, and more specifically, the scalability, deployment and testing of such security platforms
The goal is to use docker containers managed through a container management platform (openshift) to implement credential management platforms
Starting with an initial implementation of the required functionality as micro services, You will have use and extend this solution to address the problem of the unitary test of components . The pertinence of the resulting solution will be tested in a specific IOT project in the energy domain, dealing with communication in smart electricity grids .

A week in the life of

In this project you will have to
-understand the problems and techniques used to manage access control for IOT application
-deploy and extend the coverage of a initial implementation of access control services as Docker containers managed and orchestrated through an openshift (PAAS) platform.
-Identify solutions enabling automated test of micro services
-implement, identified unit testing solutions
-apply and validate the prototyped solutions to a smart grid project.
Knowledge, Skills and Experience

-last year master or engineering school
-good knowledge of cloud services architectures ( rest)
-familiarity with virtualization(LXC) and containers (docker) techniques
-knowledge of javascript (node js)
- knowledge of Linux
-strong motivation