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Software Engineer (Python)

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  • Développement informatique

Description de l'offre

At Criteo we face some of the most challenging, but interesting problems in the IT industry. We work at a scale of speed, performance and complexity that few others in the industry can compete with. Our data is not big it's absolutely HUGE. We have about 40 petabytes in our Hadoop storage (more than 30 TB extra per day), we take less than 10ms to respond to an ad request and we deliver billions of ads per day.To help us solve these challenges, Criteo is looking for the best of the best in terms of engineering talent within our cool and geeky environment!Challenges of this role:As a developer at Criteo you will be working to improve the reliability and performance of our services. You will be part of a team of 5 developers and work side by side with our SRE, Network, Hosting and development teams to design and build the next generation of asset management and provisioning tools. Through this unique component we want to provide a portal and an API to manage all our servers. Offer cutting-edge infrastructure services to internal customers : on-demand resource allocation, automatic configuration, self-registration to service discovery and inventory. Either by developing new components or features, or by integrating open sources technologies (Ansible, Chef, Capistrano, Nagios, Centreon, Hadoop & more). Develop open source projects. Because we are working at the forefront of technology, we are dealing with problems that few have faced. We're big users of open source, and we'd like to give back to the community.strongStrong candidates qualifications:We're looking for talented Python developers but moreover we're looking for people who can adapt very quickly and with an open mind. Our engineers chose and use the best tool for the job.You love algorithms and infrastructures, work on personal projects, are curious and stay up-to-date with technologies evolution.You are a problem solver, a fixer, and a creative technologist. We believe coding is a talent and a passion, not just a skill.You need to be a great team worker and a great communicator.Previous experience of agile methodologies (we love Scrum !)BonusJavaScript, AngularJSRuby Our teamOur Infrastructure and Production team of 35+ engineers is maintaining, operating and building out the highly robust and diverse infrastructure that sustain the load and the incredible growth of Criteo.A few figures:• 15 datacenters (8 with computing capacity + 7 dedicated to network connectivity) across US, EU, APAC• More than 15K servers, running a mix of Linux and Windows• One of the largest Hadoop clusters in Europe with close to 40PB of storage and 30.000 cores –• 30B HTTP requests and close to 3B unique banners displayed per day• Close to 1M HTTP requests per second handled during peak times• 40Gbps of bandwidth, half of it through peering exchangesCriteo R&D CultureEmpowerment –strongWe believe in hiring the best engineers in the industry and then letting them get on with what they do best – designing, coding and releasing state of the art software.Mobility –strongIn our Voyager program our engineers get to pick which team they want to work on for 2-4 weeks, boosting collaboration, networking and maybe even leading to switching teams.Agilityspan- We work in a fast pace environment where we build and release stuff frequently to deliver value soon and adapt to changes quickly.Variety –strongWe have many ways to get your code to production including our Hackathon, 10% projects, Voyager and more.Multicultural –strongWe have engineers from all over the world for you to interact and exchange ideas with.Our culture keeps evolving, and you will be expected to contribute actively with new ideas to complement and enhance the existing programs that include frictionless internal mobility, 10% time, mentoring, technical talks, hackathons, conferences, etc. Are you up to the challenge? About Criteo [CRTO]Criteo delivers personalized performance marketing at an extensive scale. Measuring return on post-click sales, Criteo makes ROI transparent and easy to measure. Criteo has over 2,000 employees in 31 offices across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, serves over 11,000 advertisers worldwide and maintains direct relationships with over 16,000 publishers.Our R&D team of up to 300 engineers is building the next generation digital advertising technologies that allow us to manage billions of ad impressions every day. We're working in a very fast-paced release cycle and are adding new capabilities weekly and even daily.A few figures:15 datacenters (8 with computing capacity + 7 dedicated to network connectivity) across US, EU, APACMore than 15K servers, running a mix of Linux and WindowsOne of the largest Hadoop clusters in Europe with close to 40PB of storage and 30.000 cores –30B HTTP requests and close to 3B unique banners displayed per dayClose to 1M HTTP requests per second handled during peak times40Gbps of bandwidth, half of it through peering exchangesWe recognize that engineering culture is key for building a world-class engineering organization. Our core values are getting stuff done, collaboration and respect, code quality, striving for excellence, and having fun at what we do.Do you want to know more about life in the R&D?Youtube: R&D Criteo @ EuropeOur blog: http://www.criteolabs.comTwitter : @CriteoEng p

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À propos de Criteo

Criteo est une entreprise Française fondée à Paris en 2005 par 3 entrepreneurs, Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Frank le Ouay et Romain Niccoli. Criteo propose aux entreprises notamment aux sites de commerce électronique, un service leur permettant d’effectuer un ciblage publicitaire selon l’historique de navigation des internautes. Aujourd’hui l’entreprise est présente dans 37 pays et dispose de 15 bureaux répartis à travers le monde et employant 700 personnes contre 20 en 2008.

En Octobre 2013, la société fait son entrée en bourse, elle est la première entreprise française depuis Business Objects en 1994 à intégrer le Nasdaq. L’entreprise continue de se développer puisqu’elle décide en juillet 2013 de racheter pour 5,5 millions d’euros la régie anglaise spécialiste du marketing mobile AdX Tracking. Suite à son entrée en bourse, Criteo pourrait lever plus de 280 millions de dollars, ce qui confirme la forte demande de la part des investisseurs.

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