Revamping, adaptation and use of a 2D model for parametric optimization study of sinter cooling process

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Revamping, adaptation and use of a 2D model for parametric optimization study of sinter cooling process






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Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Revamping, adaptation and use of a 2D model for parametric optimization study of sinter cooling process

Subject of the internship:

Sinter cooling process is often a limiting factor to increase sinter strands productivity. A direct way to increase cooling efficiency is to find the optimal working point of sinter coolers in terms of velocity of fluid / speed of cars and height of sinter bed. Project will consist of optimizing sinter cooling process the pilot plant to increase inlet flow rate capacity of sinter cooler by using 2D simulations fed by experimental data acquisition. This mission combines a full modelling / simulation approach of the sinter cooling process with experimental data acquisition using pilot scale tests to feed the existing model. Trainee will be in charge of simulations as well as experimental development. The related model was developed by an external partner in Belgium with whom strong exchanges will be expected. Results of the study will be delivered to the plant and applied on the process and therefore requires a perfect quality work. - Experiments: development of new experimental methods to measure sinter thermal properties. Use of sinter pot trials. - Adaptation of the model: some of the model equations need to be fitted according to the specific pilot case (plant) using experimental data. This would require strong comprehension of the different governing equations of the model: mainly thermal transfer equations (convection and conduction) but also fluid mechanics backgrounds. - Simulations: a parametric study will be performed for a reference case in order to find optimal set of parameters to increase performances of sinter-cooler. Possible further developments (aerolic studies) for different geometries and process configurations. - Final deliverable report will integrate all the parametric studies results. Intern will be part of a 4 engineers and 4 technicians team and will integrate usual meetings and team obligations in Maizières Process centre. Maizières is ArcelorMittal's largest Global R&D campus with four research centres specializing in automotive products, packaging, process development and mining and mineral processing. A shared services unit provides the appropriate assistance to these centres. The diversity of the competencies on this campus enables cross-fertilization, close cooperation and agility between the dedicated and worldwide centres.
Applicant Profile:

Knowledge required : - Fluent skills mandatory - Thermal Transfer : Convection / Conduction, - Fluid mechanics: Pressure drop, Fluid flow in porous media General skills: - English level: good - Good communication skills


Process Engineering / Thermal Transfer / Fluid Mechanics

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)

Duration of the internship:

6 months

Managers of the internship:

Email: ************@*******.**

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