Optimization of heating strategies in furnaces based on thermal modelling

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Optimization of heating strategies in furnaces based on thermal modelling






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Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Optimization of heating strategies in furnaces based on thermal modelling

Subject of the internship:

- Validate a thermal furnace model by comparison to experimental data
- Configure the model for different furnace types and run simulations
- Data processing and results analysis
- Propose new heating strategies that would decrease energy consumption in ArcelorMittal plants

Reheating furnaces are the second biggest gas consumers after the blast furnace. With more than 120 reheating furnace within ArcelorMittal, energy stakes related to this process are huge. The heating strategy in these furnaces is usually governed by set-point temperatures and heating time of the products. These two parameters condition the gas consumption of the burners and control the final temperature of the product. Because the thermal state of products is unknown, modeling is necessary to predict their temperature evolution and to link it to the process parameters.
SIMREF (SIMulation of a Reheating Furnace) is a thermal model developed by ArcelorMittal R&D to simulate all types of reheating furnaces and to optimize them. The model calculates the heat flux transferred to the products by radiation and conducts an energy balance to estimate the gas consumption and heat losses during industrial operations.

The purpose of the mission is to calibrate and validate the offline version of the model by a comparison to a series of experimental data provided from industrial trials conducted on ArcelorMittals reheating furnace in Poland, Spain, France and Ukraine.
Once the model is validated, it will be used to simulate several types of furnaces and investigate new scenarios that could lead to decrease the energy consumption of these furnaces.
Applicant Profile:

Good knowledge on Optimization, data processing
Good knowledge on Heat Transfer & energy
Basic competencies in programing(Knowledge of C++ or Fortran is a plus)
Good capacity for discussion with other engineers
Capacity for synthesis


Heat transfer, data processing

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)

Duration of the internship:

6 months

Period of the internship:

February - March 2017 (flexible)

Managers of the internship:

Ghassan GHAZAL
Email: ghassan.ghazal@arcelormittal.com


To apply please write to Faycal Lawayeb (faycal.lawayeb@arcelormittal.com)

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