Interest and opportunity of using renewable energy in steelmaking plants

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Interest and opportunity of using renewable energy in steelmaking plants






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Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Interest and opportunity of using renewable energy in steelmaking plants

Subject of the internship:

Steelmaking is an energy intensive industry. Different ways of saving energy in our plants are being studied and implemented inside ArcelorMittal. As for all energy efficient approach, we first are optimizing our processes to be more energy efficient, and then reuse as much as possible the residual energy/waste heat inside our processes. However, it may happen that waste heat exceeds the heat demand of the plant. In this case, steam or electricity generation can be envisaged but such projects might be difficult to be economically viable.

The objective of the training period is to evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of valorising waste heat from reheating furnaces in plants where we cannot reuse it internally.
The trainee will have to analyse on 3 plants the best technical and economic solution (heat, steam vs. electricity) depending on the local energy contest. He will also have to make the selected project viable, by finding appropriate funding, such as ESCO (energy service company).
The different steps imagined are:
Analysis of the 3 plants (energy demands, waste heat specifications, local electricity market context, local power plant and district heating context, local incentives for waste heat recovery project, etc.)
Technical evaluation of the best option on the 3 plants (district heating, steam for external users, electricity generation)
Financial business plan for the 3 plants (innovative business plan ideas are expected)
Contacts with Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) to propose such project
Development of an aided-decision tool (Excel) for such project on any AM plants
Applicant Profile:

Process engineering (especially in electricity and steam generation)
Energy engineering (especially in electricity and steam generation)
Basics on Economic and financing levers for energy projects
Excel environment and basics on VBA appreci


process/energy engineering

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)

Duration of the internship:

6 months

Period of the internship:

February 2017

Managers of the internship:

Ghassan GHAZAL
Email: ************@*******.**


To apply, please contact :
Pour postuler, veuillez contacter:
Valentine Weber ************@*******.**

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