Development of an effective cooling model for cold rolling

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Development of an effective cooling model for cold rolling






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R & D Process Maizières les Metz

Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Development of an effective cooling model for cold rolling

Subject of the internship:

Cooling has an important role in cold rolling process on tandem mill: to remove the excess of heat generated by the rate of energy dissipated through friction and plastic deformation during the reduction process. The cooling strategy should be adapted on process parameters (e.g. rolling speed, thickness reduction) as well as product properties. This optimization should be performed by combining both trials and numerical investigations. The objective of this internship is to improved and developed a numerical model for cooling strategy adapted to cold rolling. The works will focus on the improvement of an existing model on cooling system for cold rolling tandem mill. New designs will be incorporated to test its effectiveness on cooling process. Details of the mission are: 1. Literature review on thermal models adapted to cold rolling process. 2. Understanding the existing model (Excel Macro) and underlying hypotheses, then recoding with more advanced programming language (Fortran or C/C++). 3. Improving the cooling model by using more precise roll-bite model recently developed at AMMR 4. Comparisons between model results with experimental measurements. 5. Testing new configuration of cooling system to reveal the effectiveness of each configuration.
Applicant Profile:

- Mechanical engineer student. - Autonomy and team-working. - A good English level is required and French is recommended for daily use. - Good knowledge in thermomechanics. - Good knowledge in programming (FORTRAN, C++). - Knowledge about rolling


Mechanical engineering / computational mechanics

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)


English - French

Duration of the internship:

6 months

Period of the internship:

March 2017

Managers of the internship:

Email: ************@*******.**


This internship will be carried out in the Downstream Process (DP) department of Process center at Maizières-lès-Metz, France. Inside the DP department, the student will work in an international environment involving around thirty five specialists, R&D engineers and technicians.

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