Calibration of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for simulating granular flows

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Calibration of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for simulating granular flows






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Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Calibration of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for simulating granular flows

Subject of the internship:

The simulation of granular materials by means of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) allows the investigation of particle-scale phenomena when experimental measurements are difficult, sometimes impossible, to obtain. In the context of mining and iron making, this method provides a powerful tool for the improvement of processes, notably material handling equipment by characterising the abrasion at surfaces where particles impact or slide.

To achieve realistic DEM simulations of the static/dynamic behaviours of granular materials, a mandatory step is to properly account for particle-scale parameters such as particle size and shape, density, sliding friction and dissipation by collisions. This step requires a calibration method for each material and application, in which the influence of particle-scale parameters on the global behaviour is cross-correlated with well-defined experiments.

The intern will continue to develop simple calibration tests based on particle sliding tests, heap experiments and/or granular rotating drum flows. The simulations will be compared with small-scale experiments. Once the calibration step is validated, DEM simulations with selected range of parameters will be used to investigate segregation phenomena and surface abrasion by particles in granular flow in our equipment.
Applicant Profile:

Physics of granular material background. Preliminary competencies in DEM are a plus.


Granular media, DEM

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)

Duration of the internship:

6 months

Period of the internship:

February or March 2017 (flexible)

Managers of the internship:

Ghassan GHAZAL
Email: ************@*******.**


To apply please contact Edouard Izard ************@*******.**

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