Analytical determination of lubricant oil composition

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Analytical determination of lubricant oil composition






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ArcelorMittal RESEARCH Maizieres

Field of activity:

Research and Development / Metallurgy Innovation

Title of internship:

Analytical determination of lubricant oil composition

Subject of the internship:

ArcelorMittals strategy is the production of high quality Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS). In order to be able to roll these particularly hard products, it is necessary to use highly optimised lubricant oils, which are able to reduce effectively the friction between the steel and the work roll. ArcelorMittals oil suppliers are working intensely on a solution to this problem. Nevertheless it is in ArcelorMittals interest to perform research in this essential field, in order to gain further insight in the composition and behaviour of lubricant oils and to be able to create oil specifications. Therefore the internship will deal with the development of separation and analytical methods, in order to gain further knowledge concerning used compounds in nowadays lubricant oils. - Lubricant oils are complex mixtures. They consist of mineral and vegetable oils, surfactants, extreme pressure additives, etc. The trainee shall be highly creative in developing new separation and analytical methods, which can be implemented in ArcelorMittals repertoire of lubricant oil characterization. - The trainee will develop separation methods (extraction, chromatography, electrophoresis, etc.), which can separate the oil phase from the surfactants and additives, prior to analytical characterisation. - The trainee will be responsible for the development of new efficient separation methods for the High Performance Liquid Chromatography, in order to identify the numerous compounds in lubricant oils. - The trainee will apply further analytical methods to identify the compounds in the fractions after separation (GC-FID/MS/NPD, FTIR microscopy, RAMAN) - Having identified the composition of a lubricant, it will be tried to reformulate the given oil and its physico-chemical properties will be investigated and compared to the initial oil to better understand the function of its individual components and link it to new oil specifications.
Applicant Profile:

-Solid background in analytical chemistry and hands-on experience with analytical devices (GC, HPLC, FTIR, etc.) -Knowledge in physical chemistry is a plus -Fluent in French or English -Independent worker and self-motivated


Analytical and physical chemistry

Level of education:

MASTER (Bac+4/5)

Duration of the internship:

5 months

Period of the internship:

First quarter 2017

Managers of the internship:

Ghassan GHAZAL
Email: ************@*******.**


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