System Engineer Pneumatic - 9548

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System Engineer Pneumatic - 9548


Purpose of the Job

By delegation of TSE, specify one or several train functions, and associated sub-system(s) at train level and lead technically the engineering studies to reach the required performances at train level.

List of typical Functions at train level:

• Carry and enclose the load

• Protect against Fire

• Provide comfort to passenger and crew

• Inform passenger

• Provide access and loading

• Connect vehicle and consist

• Provide traction and energy for auxiliaries

• Provide mechanical braking

• Control – monitor – diagnostic

• Guide the train on the track

• Integrate the train in the system

On sites, the System Engineer in charge on bought subsystem/component perform development activities as for Central SSE Doors / AGTU / Brake Control / HVAC / Battery / Pantograph / Toilets / Seats / Floors & Windows

On the function for which he is in charge, the SE:

Technical missions:

Performing the transverse requirement allocations to the various subsystems in close collaboration with the relevant specialists,

Performing requirement development, coming from reference and applicable documents from Metiers, Standards, Certification, Safety, Platform and Customer

Defining the Train System architecture, operational modes and functionalities taking as input the external/internal requirements

Performing train system FMECA in coordination with RAMS team

Ensuring consistency and compatibility between all the sub-systems specifications,

Writing sub-system specification and architecture description (RSAD2) in collaboration with the SSE/PU/TCE according to train level architecture.

Fill the “Entry “connector” to question the TSS catalog.

For non catalog components, under TSS design authority:

• Writes the Technical Purchasing Specification (TPS0 - Short Specification) when needed.

• Writes the TPS1 for supplier consultation and manages technical contact (TPS2) until design has been frozen

• Drives technical relationships with suppliers withclose management of QCD commitments (CbC), risks &validation (including Design Reviews with suppliers).

Supporting TSE to define applicable train configuration

Ensuring coordination between TSS/PU/Metier on interfaces, performances, technical issues resolution during detailed design phase.

On TSE request, participating to technical meetings with customer in order to provide support.

V&V activities:

Defining and performing Train verification strategyin close collaboration with all Engineering metiers, Certification & Validation teams and TSS

Team and Participating Units.

Writing the train level test specifications

Ensuring the train integration and tuning.

During train revenue service:

Technical open issues resolution on TSE request, from investigation to modification implementation and problem closure

QCD and reporting:

Performing reporting at project level (to TSE, via KPI) and metier level (via weekly reports)

Supporting TSE for implementation and update of Engineering risks mitigation plan, change order process and QCD optimisation

Providing Return of experience to be implemented in Reference Solutions.

Knowledge & Experience :

General technical competencies

More than 2 years in Railways engineering

Communication skills

Fluent in english
  • Ingénierie mécanique ou industrielle
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