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Executive Chef

  • Hotels - Restaurants

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
'• Behaves and acts (as a manager) in an exemplary fashion, embodying the brand mindset
• Carries out and coordinates the organisation, preparation, production, presentation and assures the high standard of culinary services offered to guests
• Makes suggestions for improvement
• Manages all kitchen personnel and adapts management practices to the brand culture, working methods, communications, recruitment etc
• Helps employees improve their skills and provides support for career development
• Is responsible for food hygiene, safety and quality in the hotel'
Main responsibilities
Customer relations
'• Develops excellent relationships with guests
• Adapts to any specific requests made by guests
• Is regularly available in the dining room
• Heeds any remarks made by guests'
Professional techniques / Production
'• Organises and supervises food preparations in line with the occupancy and consumption forecasts
• Prepares dishes and/or supervises preparation
• Supervises the different sections of the kitchen: production of hot and cold dishes, patisserie, dishwashing
• In conjunction with the Sous Chef and F&B Manager, prepares the menus and à la carte choices
• Has an innovative and creative approach to producing and decorating dishes
• Keeps cooking instructions up-to-date
• Oversees the whole workshift: ensures respect of the maximum waiting times defined by the brand, checks the presentation and temperature of dishes, etc.
• Coordinates with restaurant serving staff in order to ensure that service runs smoothly
• Ensures that all information is duly passed on to the applicable departments
• In conjunction with the Points of Sale Managers, coordinates the kitchen, restaurants and ''Seminars and meetings'' services
• Supervises the staff restaurant and stewarding service
• Attends the weekly sales meetings
• Keeps up-to-date with changes in culinary trends
• Is actively involved in the local area to keep up-to-date with specific issues and needs
• Assures hotel management cover early mornings, evenings, weekends and on bank holidays
• Attends meetings for Heads of Department
• Passes on the management team's decisions
• Knows how all the hotel's departments operate and is able to replace the Restaurant Manager or F&B Manager'
Team management
'• Evolves working methods in line with brand philosophy
• Passes on information to other departments and to his/her team; receives information, trickles it down etc
• Ensures that the different teams under his/her responsibility work smoothly
• Develops team spirit and motivation by creating a good working atmosphere
• Prepares the work schedules for the team (days off, holidays & replacements)
• Organises working meetings for the team
• Helps prepare and implement the training plan for the department
• Recruits team staff and occasional temps as necessary
• Trains the staff according to need
• Carries out annual performance appraisals for employees
• Ensures compliance with labour legislation in the department
• Check that work is organised for maximum efficiency for the whole kitchen
• Before every workshift, leads a briefing meeting for all restaurant and kitchen staff
• Organises the kitchen in line with activity forecasts'

Commercial / Sales

'• Regularly assesses the quality of kitchen services based on guests' remarks and quality audits
• Is actively involved in the local area to keep up-to-date with specific issues and needs
• Keeps close track of what the competition is doing
• Maintains excellent relations with suppliers'
Management and administration
'• In conjunction with the Purchasing Manager, manages stocks of foodstuffs and beverages
• Ensures that the equipment and appliances under his/her responisibility are used correctly and kept in good condition by kitchen staff
• Optimises sales by responding to guests' wishes, while respecting brand guidelines
• Takes part in supplier selection and orders merchandise in compliance with the group's purchasing policy (REGAL), giving priority to orders via ACCORSHOP
• Manages stocks and supplies
• Participates in investment decisions for the kitchen
• Manages headcount for optimum performance in the department: ensures work schedules suit activity forecasts and are compliant with labour legislation
• Respects the productivity ratios as budgeted
• Carries out inventories, inputs data and explains consumption differences
• Helps prepare the annual budgets for the department, analyses the results and implements any corrective actions as required
• With the team, is continually looking for ways to improve costs and ratios while maintaining the high standard of service
• Manages all spend necessary to maintain smoothrunning kitchen operations
• Draws up a daily report on products that need to be ordered and forwards it to the Purchasing Department, or places orders directly
• Is actively involved in end-of-month procedures and justifies any differences
• Guarantees effective coordination between kitchen and dishwashing staff, and between the kitchen and the various F&B points of sale'
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
'• Ensures the respect and due application of the rules of hygiene and security in the department, particularly HACCP standards
• Ensures that food items are stored in compliance with current food hygiene standards: pantry storage, fish, meat etc.
• Checks that employees' uniforms are clean and in good condition
• Ensures that safety instructions are respected for the use of kitchen equipment
• Ensures that hygiene checks are carried out by an external laboratory in order to assess the results of his/her actions, and implements any corrective actions as necessary
• Respects the hotel's commitments to the ''Environment Charter'' (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc)'