• Oct 2016
  • Hôtellerie / Restauration / Tourisme
  • Provence-alpes-côte D'azur
  • A négocier


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Key tasks

Assure la mise en place et le service de la clientèle individuelle et groupe, assure la gestion des livraisons et des stocks, contrôle HACCP, connaissance de VR

Ibis and its people

Simplicity, Modernity, Well-being

Acteurs, the Ibis staff training and professional development programme , enables staff to:
- become more professional by acquiring new skills,
- learn a second profession,
- be more independent in guest relations,
- receive recognition for their skills


Level of Education Did not graduate
Areas of study Hospitality
Professional experiences 1 to 2 years
Languages essential French (Primary tongue)

Essential and optional requirements



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Ils ont travaillé ici

Sonu Mishra
Working as a operation manager with the 7 years experience .

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