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Key tasks

Le Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port recherche un Chef de Rang H/F CDI.

Vous assurez les missions suivantes:

- Veiller à développer un service de qualité constante, chaque client est un client unique
-Coordonner et Organiser le service au sein de son rang
- Servir et conseiller les clients
- Valoriser les offres commerciales du moment
- Assurer un accueil du client de qualité et dans l’esprit des valeurs Sofitel

Sofitel and its Ambassadors

The Sofitel brand is based on three core values guaranteed by each employee every day:
A Passion for Excellence, an Essence of Pleasure and a Spirit of Openness.

Through their actions and know-how, the Men and Women that are the creators of Sofitel’s luxury, offer clients a highly personalised service. By transforming every detail into a unique moment of pure comfort and elegance , they create and nurture a relationship with their guests.
The Sofitel values are also at the heart of the communication between employees. It is the legacy received and transmitted by all those involved in the brand to guarantee the continuity of the Sofitel spirit in the hotels and headquarters.


Level of Education Secondary professional education
Areas of study Food and beverage
Professional experiences 1 to 2 years
Languages essential French (Primary tongue)
English (Working level)

Essential and optional requirements

- Excellente présentation
- Excellente connaissances des produits, des techniques
- Capacité à travailler en équipe
- Bonne résistance physique
- Exp : 1 à 2 ans avec expérience significative dans le luxe

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Sonu Mishra
Working as a operation manager with the 7 years experience .