Chef de rang confirmé

  • Nov 2016
  • Hôtellerie / Restauration / Tourisme
  • Ile-de-france
  • A négocier


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Chef de rang confirmé

Key tasks

En tant que chef de rang vous assurez et coordonnez les missions suivantes, au niveau de votre rang, avec l'aide de votre équipe : - mise en place des tables - accueil et service des clients - débarrassage des tables-Vous assurez le service du midi et du soir en coupure. La maîtrise de VR serait un vrai plus.

At Novotel, we grow faster

Feel fully responsible, be autonomous, adaptable, professional, have a love of adventure and a desire to stretch your limits: that’s the Novotel spirit .
An international brand with a network of 400 hotels in 60 countries, Novotel’s success is due to the professionalism and enthusiasm of its 30 000 employees who have been embodying the brand’s ideals for over 40 years.

DNA of the brand, innovation is at the heart of the promise made to employees: "At Novotel, we grow faster" . To transform this promise into reality, Novotel has implemented a unique human resources policy declined around five main professional career paths. Novotel accompanies each employee throughout their career. Integration, geographic mobility, bridging provision, skills development… everyone is given the opportunity to progress quickly and go further. Impossible is not Novotel.


Level of Education A level
Areas of study Food and beverage
Professional experiences 3 to 5 years
Languages essential French (Primary tongue)
English (Working level)

Essential and optional requirements

·  Excel
·  Word

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