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Mondelez International

Rejoignez l'un des leaders mondiaux du marché des en-cas
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Vous avez sans doute dégusté un produit Mondelēz International dans les derniers mois ! En effet nos marques sont présentes sur tous les circuits de distribution - supermarchés, commerces de proximité, restauration collective, distribution automatique, …. Et dans plus de 97 % des foyers français.

Mondelēz International " The power of big. and small. " : un géant, un groupe puissant certes, mais qui sait allier l'agilité et la flexibilité d'une start-up. Nous choisissons au quotidien la simplicité, la convivialité et la proximité à travers tous nos échanges et toutes nos relations

Présent dans 170 pays, Mondelēz International est un leader mondial sur ses catégories :

  • Chocolat (Milka, Toblerone, Côte d'Or…)
  • Biscuits (Lu, Oreo, Belvita…)
  • Chewing-gum/Bonbons (Hollywood, Krema, Carambar..)
  • Café et boissons en poudre (Tassimo, Carte Noire, Jacques Vabre....)

Avec 5000 collaborateurs, répartis sur 19 sites dont 16 sites de production, la France est une des plateformes de croissance essentielle du groupe.

Nous sommes une entreprise industrielle qui offre une multitude de métiers, de la recherche & développement à la commercialisation, en passant par la production.

De grandes marques, de vraies opportunités...

Mondelēz International, un des leaders mondiaux du marché des en-cas, porteur de nombreuses marques prestigieuses, propose une multitude de métiers :

Manufacturing, Marketing, Ventes, Finance, Achats, Supply chain, Qualité, R&D...

Plus qu'une expérience, un parcours de carrière dans un grand groupe au business modèle résolument européen. En effet, Mondelēz International sait reconnaître la performance et faire évoluer ses talents.

Nous adorons ce que nous faisons… Alors rejoignez-nous ! Et profitez d'un environnement stimulant où vous serez en contact avec des gens passionnés, qui se dépassent au quotidien au service de leur entreprise.


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Globally, people are increasingly aware of the connection between what they eat and how they feel – physically and emotionally. We believe people shouldn’t have to choose between snacking and eating right and that indulgence in moderation is an important part of well-being. At MDLZ, we're committed to transforming our portfolio - removing what people don’t want, adding more of what they do, expanding our offerings, and inspiring #MindfulSnacking habits to create more enjoyable snacking experiences. This is #SnackingMadeRight - the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

Inovação em Embalagens

Seu snack preferido merece uma embalagem inovadora. E nós temos! É muita criatividade envolvida em nossas embalagens, especialmente para Ouro Branco, Sonho de Valsa e Trident. E não para por aí! Estamos comprometidos em oferecer o snack certo, para ser apreciado do jeito que você gosta. 😉 #SnackingMadeRight #MDLZ #MDLZBrasil #Trident #Lacta

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Our brands are as diverse and rich in heritage as the 165 countries where we market our products. At Mondelēz International, we make and bake snacks to satisfy every snacking need for our consumers around the world. This is #SnackingMadeRight - providing the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way! 🍫🍪

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Healthy lifestyles include more than active play. It also involves good nutrition. Through the Mondelēz International Foundation, we're impacting the lives of 1.5 million children across 18 countries by increasing their nutrition knowledge. When children have access to nutrition knowledge they are empowered to make more mindful food choices which can #impact learning readiness, academic achievement, and decrease discipline and emotional problems. #SnackingMadeRight #YouthDay

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We’re #proud to announce we are bringing 100% of our chocolate and biscuit products typically bought for children in the UK and Ireland under 100 calories by the end of 2020. We want to support parents when they choose to give their children a treat and introducing this calorie cap will make it simpler for them to find a treat for their children under 100 calories. #SnackingMadeRight

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Our #Egypt team celebrated the launch of its healthy nutrition project "Our Children's Healthy Habits" along with our partners from CARE Egypt. The event was attended by top officials from Ministries of Education, Social Solidarity, Youth & Sports and Agriculture whose efforts were significant to help this project come to life. "Our Children's Healthy Habits" aims to improve the lives of children and mothers from upper Egypt by providing nutrition education, supporting the adoption of regular physical activity, and helping to provide access fresh foods through school gardening and experimental kitchens. #Impact

$MDLZ Q2 2019 Earnings

Today, we posted our second quarter 2019 results. Our Chairman and CEO Dirk Van de Put commented: "Our more consumer-centric mindset is driving investments in advertising and promotion of our global and local brands, as well as accelerated innovation and improved distribution capabilities." Read the full news release as well as important information on forward-looking statements here:
Do you have an innovative idea to create a snacking world that is: • Good for people. • Kind to the planet • Deliciously fun? Mondelēz International’s innovation hub, #SnackFutures wants to hear from you! Click for a chance to pitch your idea in September 3 in Melbourne #TeamMDLZ #FoodInnovation #SaCGlobalTable

MDLZ Global Impact4Good

At MDLZ, we care about the communities in which we work and live. Employees are inspired to serve in our surrounding communities through our global volunteer program #Impact4Good. Since the program's launch in 2012, we have logged over 470,000 hours by participating in activities that connect to our heart, from assembling bikes to cleaning up beaches. Take a look at some of the ways employees have made an #impact so far in 2019.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk, UK's most-loved chocolate bar, is now available with 30% Less Sugar. The new bar will sit alongside the classic bar and took a team of over 20 scientists, nutritionists and chocolatiers at Bournville and Reading Research and Development centres, three years to achieve 30% less sugar with no artificial sweeteners – and most importantly a truly irresistible taste.

Cocoa Life Interactive Map

Through our #CocoaLife program, we're empowering cocoa farmers in thriving communities across our supply chain. Our Interactive Cocoa Farm Map shows our global scale and visualizes the individual farmers and their communities that are participating in Cocoa Life. Click to explore the map:

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The path to community well-being begins by fostering environments that help children and families adopt life-long healthy habits. Through the MDLZ Foundation, we’ve allocated 95% of our $50 million investment to healthy lifestyle community partnerships, impacting the lives of 1.5 million children across 18 countries by increasing their nutrition knowledge and physical activity and providing greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We know we’re on the right track, as we’re already seeing positive impacts in the communities where we’re working.

Harmony Wheat

As the world's largest biscuit producer, we want to give consumers confidence that we make great tasting biscuits in a way that secures the environment for today and tomorrow. We aim to make a positive #impact on the farms, communities and environments where our main raw materials are grown. That's why we're committed to sourcing 100% of Europe's wheat via our #Harmony program by 2022.

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#Chocolate is our passion. But we wouldn't be able to bring you the chocolate you love without our cocoa farmers. Wishing you all a Happy #WorldChocolateDay this Sunday! 🍫

MDLZ Partners with Enel Green Power

Snacking is going green! As part of our mission to make snacking more sustainable, we’re excited to announce a renewable energy partnership in the U.S. with Enel Green Power. This partnership helps us advance our #sustainability goals by substantially reducing our CO2 emissions and minimizing our environmental impact. The renewable energy purchased is enough to produce around 10 billion Oreo cookies per year with green energy! #SustainableSnacking #Renewables4All

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Building positive #impact for people and planet is core to who we are. This is what we mean by #SnackingMadeRight – ensuring a better future for our suppliers, farmers, communities and our consumers.

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No one should face discrimination or harassment because of who they are or who they love. We’re proud to join @HumanRightsCampaign in supporting the #EqualityAct.

MDLZ Pride 2019

We have a lot to be proud about at MDLZ, including our commitment to creating a workplace where differences are valued and everyone can be themselves. Here’s our tribute to the many flags that celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQIA community. We hope you are enjoying #Pride!

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Today is World Day Against Child Labor. Child labor is a consequence of several complex socioeconomic challenges affecting cocoa-growing communities. We believe the ‘work’ of children is education and play only. Child labor has no place in cocoa which is why we are taking action through our #CocoaLife program, where we work tirelessly with our partners to tackle child labor in cocoa-growing communities by addressing its root causes. Click to learn more about our holistic, community-centric approach: #WDACL

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Exciting news! India’s most loved chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk will now also be available in a new bar with 30% less sugar, offering consumers greater choice and the delicious Cadbury Dairy Milk taste. Cadbury Dairy Milk 30% Less Sugar, will have no added artificial sweeteners and will sit alongside the portfolio of existing Cadbury Dairy Milk products on shelves. With this launch we our empowering our consumers with choice. Find out more here: #SnackingMadeRight #CheeniKumCDM #30PercentLessSugar

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We're committed to reduce CO2 emissions to help #BeatAirPollution. This is #SnackingMadeRight for people and planet. #WorldEnvironmentDay





Mikado : Le biscuit qui en dit long sur vous !

Carambar : La Blague à 1 Franc !


Carambar lance une grande opération avec l'association Le Rire Médecin : "La Blague à 1 franc".

Pendant 1 mois, échangez vos francs contre des Carambar! Découvrez-en plus dans cette vidéo et sur le site de l'opération :

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