Yunlong Feng

Etudiant en Mater 2 Productique International à Université de Bordeaux

32 ans • Talence


Software engineer offering 4 years on c++ development with a focus on big data process and network programming. Extensive knowledge of Java/Perl language and Linux system.


c++javawebréseauxbig data


Développeur C++

Développement informatique-Designed and implemented Data Extraction Tool, which can extract structured data from web pages using different objects which are compiled by template files, then the results which are stored in multi-linked list are generated. -Drove continual improvement to News Storage System by refactoring old legacy code, enlarging system capacity and ameliorate data output performance. -Designed and implemented Keywords Storage & Update System, using hash table and multi-linked list for storage and LRU algorithm for refreshing strategy. -Designed and implemented Data Process for video search engine.

Développeur C++

Développement informatiqueJob Duties - Updated, modified and expanded Content Management System by maintaining existed functions such as users/articles/comments management and debugging inbuilt administrator PHP websites. - Designed and programmed for Translation Robot based on Skype API, which is a virtual Skype Contact and can translate the English word typed by user into Chinese by visiting on-line translation service. Achievements - Handled Skype API application. - Cognized Berkeley DB and ACE frame.

Développeur C++

Développement informatique-Implement the on-line game functions in server side, including Bag Module, Social Module and Enhancement Module. -Bag Module contains several static arrays in which the stuff is represented by ID, category, pile number and attributes. -Social Module is organized by binary balanced tree container, in which the player's social partners are stored. In the structure of the partner there is player's basic information, type of relationship, intimate level, etc. -Enhancement Module is the extra attribute of equipment which can strengthen the power of player, such as blood, magic, attack, etc.

Développeur java/j2ee

Développement informatiqueJob Duties - Updated, modified and expanded reinsurance system which is used for reinsurance business such as premium computation, share allocation, etc. Achievements - Became proficient in java development based on Struts and Hibernate framework in Eclipse.


Université Bordeaux 1

2014 - Maintenant Master, Titre d'ingénieur, Bac +5 Bordeaux (Gironde)

Beihang University

2011 - Maintenant Master, Titre d'ingénieur, Bac +5 Beijing (China)Développement informatique, Infra / Réseaux / Télécoms

Harbin Institute of Technology

2005 - 2009 Licence, M1, Bac +3/4 Harbin, China (France)

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