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Utsav Jamwal

B.E. Comp Science, M.S. Entertainment Arts & Engg.

25 ans • Salt Lake City


I am a committed and an ambitious individual. I like challenging myself to improve myself and I'm a risk taker. I would like to develop entertainment technology, and more so create art with code. It not only gives me an opportunity to create art and code but develop myself as a person.


c#JavascriptGLSLPythonShader DevelopmentOSInteractive GraphicsHtml5Visual StudioAgile DevelopmentGitHub


Teaching Assistant

Développement informatique• Scientific Computing using MATLAB, implementing approximation methods • Artificial Engineering, implementing movement and behavior algorithms


University Of Utah

2015 - 2017 Master's Degree Salt Lake City, Salt Lake CountyDéveloppement informatique, Production Audiovisuelle, Design / UX / UI

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