Roxana Ilie

Software Engineer Intern

27 years • Vancouver




Software Engineer Intern

07-2016 - 09-2016

Software Engineer Intern

12-2015 - 03-2016 Battery Friendly Platform Networking Deadline Scheduler  Interned in the gecko networking team, as an Outreachy intern.  Implemented a new type of channels which have deadline support, so callers that specify a deadline allow their transaction to be delayed for some period of time in order to coalesce and intelligently schedule it with other resource events. https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1234608

Software Engineer Intern

06-2015 - 09-2015  Interned in the Cloud Backend Apps team, which is responsible for designing and developing cloud backend services and implementing workers for asynchronous task execution.  Implemented a new transport layer for emails, that buffers the received requests and takes care not to send more than a configured number of emails simultaneously.  Designed and implemented the REST methods that make up the billing-related API for Hubgets using the Stripe API.  Designed and implemented a daemon thread that keeps the customer statistics up to date.  Implemented a node.js module in order to measure the cost brought by using error domains.  Designed and implemented a method of serialization of JSON objects.

Education & training

Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, Facultatea De Automatica Si Calculatoare

2012 - 2016 IT development

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