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pourang Cheraghi Digaleh

49 years • Rasht


I am an Agricultural Engineer with an A grade B.S. Degree in Animal Science from Gilan University, and more than 15 years of experience in Regular and Organic Broiler Poultry and Beef Cattle Farm Management, Technical Consultation and Supervision in Organic Chickens Slaughtering, Processing, and Packing, and also 3 years of experience in Sale, Commercial, and Marketing Agency in a high reputation Advertising Media company which the key aspects of working there were being in a high-level communication and having very close relationship with customers.


Agricultural Scientist

06-2011 - NowChemistry / Biology / AgronomyAssisted in establishing a successful structure for a growing company in terms of integration of "Green (organic ) Chicken". Demonstrated effective and consistent technical support as a Professional Poultry Industry Consultant. Conceptualized and implemented innovative guidelines and procedures to different stages of organic chicken slaughtering, processing, and packing. Able to gather and analyze information and recommend appropriate poultry breed, diet, and practical tips to organic broiler poultry farmers and farm managers. • Assisted in introduction of "Green Chicken" to local and national market(2011 up present). • Held up several educational workshops and specialized seminars and introduced up-to-date tips in the field of organic poultry farm management.

Poultry Farm Manager

06-2004 - 05-2011 EnvironmentPerformed duties of Poultry Farm Manager. Oversaw the activities of two production foremen and 15 personnel. Collected and examined breeding performances in broiler flocks including weekly body weight, uniformity, feed conversion ratio (FCR), food consumption, culls and mortality rate, and also analyzed and compared them with standards. Implemented routine, pre-planed visits based on birds critical ages for manner of optimal management in flocks. Carried out hygienic recommendations including scientificpractical technics of bio-security, sanitation, disinfection, vaccination, quarantine, disease control, and prevention. • Presented "Green Chicken" (organic broiler) in Gilan Province market for the first time and also was of the first pioneers in raising organic broilers over the country(2010). • Improved the productivity of company up to 20% by planning and implementing annually 6 production periods instead of 5 or sometimes 4 times.

Beef Cattle Farm Manager

06-2000 - 05-2004 EnvironmentFulfilled responsibilities in the field of Beef Cattle Farm Management and supervised whole staff and their activities. Controlled all vital functions, environmental factors, and performance parameters in the feedlot like cattle performance (actual gain, daily gain, and feed-to-gain ratio), ration costs, fixed costs, and daily non-feed-related costs (labor, equipment, and bedding).Conducted daily Pen Check and routine activities. • Driven down and saved up to 30% of the annual feed-related costs in beef cattle farm by using different alternative feed stuffs like feeding of feces in ration formula. • Computerized whole herd registers database, records, and ration formulas that reduced and saved a great deal of time and energy in daily routine task and increased considerably efficiency and consequently productivity by 25%.

Sales and Marketing Agent

06-1997 - 05-2000 Community managementexperience in Sale, Commercial, and Marketing Agency in a high reputation Advertising Media company which the key aspects of working there were being in a high-level communication and having very close and steady relationship with customers.

Education & training

Gilan University, Agricultural Science Faculty, Iran

1993 - 1997 Rasht, IranEnvironment, Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering, Project / Product management