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Aspiring Electronics Engineer and Hardware developer

33 ans • Athens


I am all about getting through problems in creative ways.


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Electronics Technician (Assembly

03-2014 - 01-2017 Energie / Matériaux / MécaniqueMain Responsibilities: • Assembly operative tasks: - Electronic and Microelectronic assembly on printed circuit boards (PCB) for prototyping and/or production purposes through the use of equipment such as: pick and place machine, semi-automated wire-bonding machine, solder paste dispenser, re-flow oven, (manual) soldering station. All MEMS sensors and wafers of them handled within an ISO 7 clean-room environment. - Functionality tests and measurements performed on sensors and sensor systems based on MEMS technology, using equipment such as: prober station, LCR meter, spectrum analyser, Oscilloscope, DVM, Pressure controller, Environmental chamber. Done within the framework of research and development of MEMS sensor system products. • Production operative tasks: - Assembling individual modules of sensor systems (electronics and microelectronics assembly) - Compiling final product with individual modules (electronic and mechanical assembly) - Testing functionality and performing quality checks. • Warehouse responsibilities such as: preparing and completing orders, receiving and processing stock products, performing inventory controls


Technological Educational Institute Of Athens

2004 - 2017 Athens, AtticaInfra / Réseaux / Télécoms, Energie / Matériaux / Mécanique, Energie / Matériaux / Mécanique, Développement informatique, Études / Statistiques / Data, Développement informatiqueSubjects covered ▪ Analogue & Digital Electronics ▪ Microcontrollers and Integrated Systems ▪ Automatic Control Systems ▪ Industrial Automatic Control ▪ Electronic Design and Construction ▪ Digital Signal Processing ▪ Digital Communications ▪ Telecommunication Networks ▪ Microwaves & RF transition ▪ CMOS-VLSI Design ▪ Sensors Technology ▪ Nano-electronic Devices ▪ Research methodologies and practice Skills acquired through lab courses ▪ Electronics circuits design (Orcad, TINA) and assembly ▪ C++ and Assembly programming (AVR microcontrollers) ▪ MATLAB programming in digital signal processing (image and audio) ▪ CMOS-VLSI design and simulation ▪ Web development (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Joomla) ▪ Programming and applications of programmable logic controllers (PLC) ▪ Simulations-Measurements of Microwaves-RF transmissions

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