Didier Bachaumard

President (Title)

56 years • Napa


In 2002, I created an online defense system called brokerlynx to fight the introduction of counterfeited parts on the electronic components market. The chatroom was very successful and it helped the FBI and Homeland Security in cleaning up counterfeited part distributors in the entire industry. In retaliation, those unlawful brokers were pushed out of the market and started blackmailing members of our defense committee by writing false information on Ripoffreports, Complaintsboard. Currently, we are working with google and other search engines to remove this false and destructive information.

Education & training

St Marie Des Champs

2019 - 1982 Toulouse, Haute-GaronneChemistry / Biology / Agronomy

University Of Hartford

1985 - 1986 Baltimore, United States of AmericaSales

My Internet presence