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Alexis Prunier

Looking for a job as programmer in an eng speaking country

27 ans • Laval


After a month at the university, I instantly knew that I work with my favorite : Programming ! In 2012, I started that sandwich course for the 3 last school years. I worked for 2 different companies. After this 3 years, I have spent 7 months travelling aroung the world, especially in New Zealand. I really wished to work oversea but I estimated that this kind of experience was necessary to confirm my will. Now, I am back in the IT business. I am currently working in Luxembourg and it is a real pleasure to get back to a professionnal area with a keyboard ! Cheers !


mysqlpythonjavajeeturbogearsdjangowebservicewindows xpwindows 7windows 8windows 10ubuntucentosswingcssjavascriptjqueryhtmlgestion de projetméthodes agilesscrumbootstrapmathématiquessqlitealgorithmie


Software Engineer

- MaintenantVentes

Software engineer apprentice

Développement informatiqueI worked as software developer. I was responsible of the development of an internal ERP used by the obsolescence laboratory. I had to manage the community of users and trainees who has joined me in the develoment team.

Python programmer

Développement informatiqueI worked as IT developer. The business was Business process Outsourcing. I have mainly developped scripts of automation and outsourcing and web monitoring tools.


Infra / Réseaux / TélécomsI worked as technician in the area of outsourcing. I had to manage and install Linux and Windows machines for clients such as banks and insurances. I have developped scripts for the automation of Linux systems management.

Producing agent

Energie / Matériaux / MécaniqueSummer job in 2011 as production officer.


Management en Ingénierie Informatique- Institut Informatique Appliquée

2013 - 2015 Master's Degree Laval, Mayenne

Licence informatique- Institut Informatique Appliquée

2012 - 2013 Laval, Mayenne

DUT Informatique- Université Du Maine

2010 - 2012 Laval, Mayenne

Baccalauréat Scientifique- Don Bosco

2007 - 2010 A-Level / High School Laval, Mayenne

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Expériences Extra Professionnelles


Les Amis D'al Foncent
- Maintenant

I was elected to be the new treasurer of the association. I had more responsabilities and a deeper vision of the evolution.

Vice president

Les Amis D'al Foncent

I was volunteer to integrate the association office as the Vice President. I was taking part to the meetings where we made decisions about artists, budget, points to improve, planning…

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