Regent Plant Engineer

  • Pulau Pinang, MALAYSIA
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

· To forecast, plan, manage and schedule Regen Plant activities to meet demand requested and delivery schedule.
· To implement efficient tracking of columns through Bar Code scanning system.
· To lead, train and manage regen operators in conducting regen activities
· To manage and maintain regen process and waste water treatment plant and regeneration work station.
· To train and ensure regen operators and delivery drivers adhere to company & customer safety rules & requirement.
· To clearly define all the PPE required during work at regen plant area & related area and ensure all staffs & sub-con who works in the plant wear PPE at all time
· To report any safety incident to management immediately
· To prepare updated job schedule (example RO cleaning schedule, column request / delivery schedule) and communicate with regen plant staff in order to ensure smooth production flow.
· To responsible & ensure the regen plant team carry out work activities according to SOP
· To ensure product is meeting the required quality & standards
· To ensure good & effective communication among the team
· To arrange and manage monthly internal meeting
· To create and/or update system daily monitoring checklist to ensure all system operate in good condition and have early detection on any abnormality
· To prepare Preventive Maintenance (PM) planning & execution and carry out daily job task planning includes chemical supply, new resin and new column supply, etc.
· To ensure good housekeeping of all system and equipment in Regen Plant.
· To advise / suggest to management / HOD for parts, plant or system improvement and the best practices
· To troubleshoot system or arrange vendor to troubleshoot system
· To prepare & submit Month Report timely to HOD
· To fulfilled customer requirement on column, RO membrane certificate or document
· To carry out “On Job Training” to technician at side and when necessary
· To carry out task assigned by superior / HOD as and when required

Ideal candidate profile

Qualifications :

·  University Degree / Postgraduate Diploma in Engineering / Chemistry
·  3-5 years experience in service industry or production planning

·  Technical
·  Able to prepare report or necessary document with minimum supervision
·  Able to troubleshooting system independently
·  Knowledge in piping
·  Technically sound
·  Personal
·  Good leadership
·  Take own initiative to suggest for improvement or over come problem occurred
·  Able to work & perform in a demanding / pressurized working environment
·  24hours on call