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Customer Development (Sales) IT & Technology Executive

  • Umraniye (Türkiye)

Description de l'offre

Main Job Purpose

Customer Development (CD) IT & Technology department is responsible for the design and development of all CD information flow processes, systems and infrastructure. Continuous research and experiment are solid parts of mindset. Primary mission is to develop solutions for boosting the productivity of CD teams by providing a simpler, efficient and analytical environment.

CD IT & Technology team is responsible and crucial for the research, design and procurement/implementation of IT systems.
The team assist CD Technology Manager and CD teams in composing IT work, finding and enabling new business models, smart BI & digital solutions.

We are looking for more than one team members to join our team.

Main Responsibilities

Analysis & Research
· Responds to business needs from CD and IT teams, analyzes and identifies existing methodologies.
· Researches emerging information technologies.
· Evaluates different technology alternatives in comparison to existing ones. Seeks out opportunities in CD processes.
· Maintains relationships and contracts with third party technology companies.
· Decides on areas of interest. Sets development plans.
· Leads the design, prototyping, development and testing phases for promising technologies.
· Evaluates outcomes, builds deployment strategy and proposes implementation if necessary.

Project Management
· Defines the scope, inputs and objectives.
· Performs pre-evaluation, provides business case.
· Leads project planning. Sets project steps, tasks and KPIs.
· Makes resource requirement planning.
· Forms project timeline.
· Collaborating with CD IT Manager and Geography IT Manager, creates the project team.
· Adds business partners for analysis and testing.
· Assembles the development team.
· Reaches out, assesses, negotiates and contracts with third parties if necessary.
· Constantly monitors every task through-out the project. In case any deviation from the plan, reconsiders the plan for the affected part, makes required changes.
· Plans and executes training sessions if necessary.
· Updates project stakeholders and upper management about the progress as scheduled.
· Takes full responsibility for the delivery of the project; on previously agreed outcomes and within the allocated resources.

Key requirements:
· A project management and process design way of thinking.
· A perfect job follow-up.
· Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate with peers in cross functional teams
· An approach of keeping business and consumer focus in center in every aspect of the job.
· An understanding of IT systems, software designs, testing, user experience.
· 2-3 years of relevant experience in Sales operations or FMCG is a plus but not a requirement.
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