Fusion Algorithms for satellite High Resolution Images H/F

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Fusion Algorithms for satellite High Resolution Images H/F

The intern will be part of the team « Image Chain Architecture ». The main mission of the team is to design and assess the performances of the image chain production for science and Earth Observation satellites. This chain production covers the on-board image acquisition architecture as well as ground processing algorithms.

In the frame of future Earth observation programs, Thales Alenia Space intends to develop new methods and tools to product high resolution ortho-rectified images over specific ground sites called “super-sites”. These sites will allow to perform in orbit specific satellite acquisitions to calibrate critical instrument and satellite parameters .

The goal of the internship is to propose and develop a super-site production chain and to estimate its performances. Such super-sites will be produced based on multiple high resolution images to improve their initial quality.

The following steps will be performed during the internship:

- understand the principles of space or aerial image acquisitions (optical instrument, line of sight guidance, and space mecanics)

- be able to understand image fusion algorithms (robustness, spatio-triangulation, ortho-rectification, super-resolution, …)

- Build up and develop (matlab model) the adequate super-site method production.

- Propose some criteria and methods to assess super-site quality

Profile :

You are pursuing an engineering/research master degree in mathematics or image processing. You have special skills in simulation and processing for optical images.

Good knowledge of Matlab, Python and C++ are welcome.

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