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Production Assembly Technician

  • Boulder (Boulder)
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Description de l'offre

Job Title: Production Assembly Technician

Location of Position: 6060 Spine Road, Boulder, COLORADO 80301-3687 USA

Posting Number: req4723

Description :

The Production Assembly Technician will perform a variety of production tasks to assemble and prepare customer orders for shipment, working from a Bill of Material (BOM) and picking material from stock according to instructions provided in the form of drawings, written documents, and other production communication tools.This position will ensure all paperwork and assemblies are complete prior to shipment.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

·Perform final assembly and determine method of assembly of parts into sub-assemblies and sub-assemblies into units or systems

·Create sub-assemblies from a Build of Material (BOM)

·Process sub-assemblies into final assemblies to be delivered to Shipping

·Ensure that all related directions and documentation are accurate by reviewing quality documents, BOMs, quality checklists, and other related documentation

·Retrieve material to ensure that stock items are available on the production floor, including the use of machinery to move pallets, communicating any shortages

·Ensure that all parts and sub-assemblies are correct and to desired specifications

·Have sufficient understanding of the products assembled to perform trouble-shooting and rework, when needed

·Prepare final instrument assemblies for shipment, including accurate order processing, SAP transactions, checking for order completion, and ensuring all quality checks have passed for final customer shipment

·Coordinate with Shipping Department, Planning Department, and Management to arrange final shipment of finished product

·Work from quality control documents, and/or verbal and written instructions, with minimum supervision

·Regularly use hand tools, calibrated tools, analytical instrumentation, computers, and telephones.

·Be comfortable working/producing chemically aggressive fluids, such as acids and bases

·Follow all Environmental, Health and Safety regulation, as defined

·Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor/lead


High School Diploma or GED

At least 2 years related complex assembly work experience

Skills and Abilities

·Experience with ISO 9001

·Ability to prioritize and schedule work to meet production demands

·Strong verbal, written, and listening communication skills

·Demonstrated strong computer proficiency, including word processing, spreadsheets

·Manual dexterity

·Strong attention to detail


·Problem-solving skills, self-motivated


Is relocation for this position offered: No

Number of Job Openings: 1

Company Grade/Band: Other Salaried

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