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Field Service Representative - Beloit WI

  • USA
  • Energy / Materials / Mechanics

Job description

As a Lead Field Service Technician, you will safely provide operations and maintenance on water and wastewater treatment systems for customers with long-term contracts. Examples of technologies you could work on include media filtration, softening, reverse osmosis (RO), ion exchange (IX), de-oxygenation, electro deionization, and ultrafiltration (UF) and clarification.  State of Wisconsin Wastewater Operator Certification (particularly Subclass U) is strongly preferred but not required.  
What you will be responsible for: -Operate, monitor, and optimize equipment performance-Conduct maintenance and calibration activities-Perform analytical testing such as: turbidity, hardness, chlorine, pH, CO2, O2, SDI, TOC, in addition to various other site-specific testing requirements-Monitor and maintain chemical injection systems-Maintain inventory of spare parts and adequate supply of chemicals and replacement parts-Carry out mechanical, electrical and controls troubleshooting on equipment such as valves, air compressors, ejectors, process pumps, blowers, and instrumentation-Create and maintain site paperwork, and provide customers with detailed technical summaries of work performed-Consult with customer management and operation teams-Ensure contract compliance of volume and quality specifications-Other duties as assigned