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Production Supervisor

  • Chester (Cheshire)
  • IT development

Job description

Position Title: Production Supervisor

Location: Chester, NY

Reports to: Production Manager


Supervise, manages and leads the production department according to production, delivery reliability and quality standards. Enforcement of the safety and environment required standards to the team. This is on a rotating shift basis - we run 24 hours; 5 days a week. The rotation is between 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts done on a 6 - 12 month basis. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL BE ROTATED.


· Indentify any potential hazards and ensure that the manufacturing facilities are a safe and hazard free working environment for the operators. Initiate corrective actions to improve health and safety. Conduct accident investigations and initiate corrective actions. Ensure all staff follows safety procedures. Introduce and explain to team continuous improvement methodology elements. Motivates operators to be proactive in detecting and reporting problems they meet.
· Establish and/or adjust work procedures, estimate work hours required, recommends changes in equipment use, in order to meet production schedules and improve productivity by coordinating machine schedule in order to meet customer order demands. Make necessary product line operator transfers in order to meet scheduling deadlines
· Provide daily support to the machine operators and as well as maintain the morale of the hourly employees in order to ensure a positive working environment. Creates constructive and positive team spirit to reach the production objectives and to create autonomy of the team. Makes sure the performance is kept stable during and after the shift change over.
· Resolve problems with machines or with the product that is being produced (test failures and materials that don’t pass specification) in order to ensure manufacturing efficiency. Optimize available resources within the areas of production.
· Interact with other departments (maintenance, engineering) in order to deal with the breakdown of equipment, process control problems, and quality issues in a timely and efficient manner in order to minimize lost production time.
· Effectively communicate new policies and procedures to machine operators in order to ensure compliance.
· Hire, reward and discipline, terminate, and identify training needs for machine operators in order to ensure that they are adequately fulfilling the responsibilities of their position.


· Production planning and monitoring
· Application of production standards
· Continuous Improvement
· Maintain and optimize impact of cross trained flexible team
· Audit
· Deployment and monitoring of key indicators
· Leadership and management
· Customer satisfaction


· 3-5 years of supervisory experience in a manufacturing environment
· College degree in Business or Engineering or equivalent work experience
· Specific knowledge in Material Management
· Substantial understanding of production methods and flow process.
· Strong leadership skills in people management,following disciplinary process for production workers and Union environment.
· Strong computer skills especially Excel and Word.