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Medical Scientific Liaison (Neurociencias)

  • Internship

Job description

·  Job facts

·  A field-basedresource forTAEsand investigators deliveringthe scientific information that they require in the context of their work, in accordance to local laws, regulations and codes, and Roche/GNESOPs
·  Establish long-term, peer-to-peer relationships withTAEsand investigators in a given therapeuticfield and deliver quality interactions and servicesthat bring value to physicians, and that are aligned with Roche/GNEstrategies
·  Contribute to and implement the tactical / field medical plans in collaboration with Country Medical Manager (CMM)/ Therapeutic Medical Leader
·  Identify opportunities for collaborations between the company and theTAEsand investigators.

The Medical Science Liaison ( MSL )

·  Is an affiliate role
·  A non-promotional, field-basedrole reporting to the medical department
·  Works closely together with theCMMto support the ProductTeams in a specific Therapeutic Area

Reports to

·  A senior manager/leader in the medical department e.g.CMM, Therapeutic Area Lead/Director
·  Direct Reports: None

Responsible for

·  Interacting withHCPsto understand their views, preferences and interests, in the assigned therapeutic area, and where Roche /GNEcan partner with them to meet their needs where aligned with our strategies
·  Providing medical expertise to customers, and customer insightsto internal productteams
·  Responding to unsolicited, product related questions from physicians in accordance to local laws, regulations and codes and Roche/GNESOPs
·  Serving as the scientific bridge and point of contact with the investigator forISTs, and supporting Roche/GNEsponsored study planning and execution including enhancing the site's performance and quality (see Key Activities – Data Generation)
·  Understanding and acting in line with legal, regulatory and company standards and codes of practice (such as Roche/GNECode of Conduct and any other directives, SOPs and guidelines)
·  Inform Local Safety Responsible of safety issues according to Roche/GNEsafety SOPs; and provide scientific support and follow-up on product safety issues.

Strategic partnership

·  InteractwithHCPsto understand their views, preferences and interests and where Roche /GNEcan partner with them to meet their needs where aligned with ourstrategies
·  Helpprofile physician practices, needs, preferences and views of newdata
·  Determinephysician interest in ongoing research and educationalevents
·  Participate/supporttheCMMsin the execution of regional advisory boards
·  Acquirephysician perspectives on competitive compounds / clinicalstudies
·  Providesupport to speakers on the development ofmaterials

Data Generation

·  ReceivingISTs, championing the review ofISTswithin the company,and following-up with investigators, in accordance to all local laws andregulations
·  Supportsite feasibility assessments, site development plan, recruitment, retention of patients enrolled in trials and enhancement of site management
·  Of PhaseI-IIIaclinical studies under the direction ofPD
·  Of PhaseIIIb-IV Medical Affairs clinical studies in collaboration with ClinicalOperations

Knowledge exchange

·  Respondto unsolicited questions fromHCPsin accordance to local laws, regulations and codes and Roche/GNESOPs, facilitate theirneeds of up to date scientific data, including but not limited to publications of clinical trials, guidelines, by ensuring they have the best quality available information theyrequire
·  Workwith CMM on the affiliate knowledge exchange strategy and execution, including preparation of presentations and scientific papers in their therapeuticarea.


·  Medical or PhD/PharmDdegrees preferred. Other graduate health science degrees, or equivalent with strong proven therapeutic area experience considered (country specific depending on talent pool)


·  Professional experience within the pharmaceutical industry desirable but not mandatory
·  Experience in therapeutic area strongly preferred
·  Experience in the principles and techniques of data analysis, interpretation, and assessment of clinical relevance for the purpose of understanding and communicating clinical study results
·  Experience in delivery of scientific presentations
·  Relationships withTAEs, other thought leaders, and external professional, disease, and research organizations is strongly preferred
·  Proven experience in working with multidisciplinary teams anasset


·  Relevant therapeutic area
·  Local laws, regulations and Codes of Practice
·  Appreciates the diversity of working with multidisciplinary teams
·  Computer literate (MS office, Google, etc.)
·  Fluent national language knowledge, written and verbal
·  English knowledge highly desirable
·  Knowledge in data analysis and statistics for purpose of understanding clinical study results


·  High ethical standards
·  Strategic thinking
·  Collaboration skills
·  Roche/GNEleadership competencies
·  Analytical Skills
·  Results orientation
·  Relationship skills
·  Communication, interpersonal and networking skills
·  Presentationskills

·  Who we are

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