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Royal Canin Japon - E2E SC CI/Factory Supply Chain Lead

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Job description

Job Description

Job Title1: CI/Factory Supply Chain Lead
Segment/Business Unit: Royal Canin
Function: E2E Supply Chain
Job Level: T1
Location/Site: Japan / Yokohama (Fukuura)
Line Manager: CI/Factory Supply Chain Manager

Job Purpose/Overview
CI/Factory Supply Chain Lead (CI/FSCL) is a vital role of factory supply chain management and improvement. It is vital to ensure a steady flow of production related activities to achieve target provided by the business. CI/FSCL leads, manages and develops production planning & control, production capacity (excl. shift coordination), and Factory Warehouse capacity planning including system improvement (when required) and perform coordination/arrangement/decision of production (S+OP and Inventory Planning at production and warehouse) on a timely basis with relevant parties to meet business requirement. In additional, CI/FSCL manages budget of CAB (capital investment), Dib, MSE and/or other global/regional/local projects collaborated with Global and Regional RC team and make & implement improvement plan of E2E supply chain process about not only workshop floor but also administrative process.

Key Responsibilities
Production Planning and Control:

·  Make, coordinate and arrange periodical production plan for next 24 period.
·  Collaborate with Supply Planner, Logistic Operations, Production Coordinator and Operation team to execute daily production plan at our site.
·  Visualize S+OP, Copacked FG Inventory, and Raw Material inventory flow at our site for not only short term but also long term and take appropriate action with relevant parties when risk found.
·  Evaluate and analyze production plan& result, make proposal and implement it to improve output from planning point of view through collaboration of relevant parties
·  Review and monitor the progress of production plan.
·  Follow and monitor a flow of raw material process to meet production requirement.
·  Join morning briefing on daily basis

Site Capacity Management/ Warehouse Capacity Management:

·  Provide periodical site capacity review and take appropriate action through collaboration of relevant parties when risk found (related to production planning) (excl. shift calendar coordination)
·  Report site capacity management in format to senior management team and global team on time.
·  Visualize goods movement (kibble, packing material, pallet etc.…) with data at our site and external kibble storage for not only short term but also long term and take appropriate action with collaboration of relevant parties.
·  Provide Factory Warehouse Capacity Management to senior management team on time.

CI/ Global Project:

·  Make & Implement improvement plan of E2E supply chain process from end to end.
·  CAB management, Dib Planning & Coordination, MSE and/or lead & coordinate other global/regional/local projects

Lead Key meeting:

·  Schedule key operational meeting and lead the discussion
·  Facilitate the SMR and MPS meeting (local SCR) and make recommendation

Factory Admin:

·  Review Factory consumable goods order request to approve.
·  Follow account process of factory consumable good order.
·  Before all above, Safety is #1 priority followed by Quality and Food safety

Context and Scope
CI/FSCL is to be coordination of factory supply planning and chain for Royal Canin products for Japan market by understanding constrain and gap of each team and managing/controlling S&OP + Inventory at RYO.
Analyze current process (workshop floor, Administrative process, and system etc.…) with visualization and data & numbers to find out the opportunity to improve, then coordinate training, meeting to get it improved by involving entire team and its associates within E2E SC. Learn Mars Standard through Mars network etc.

Job Specifications/Qualifications
1. Education & Professional Qualification

·  Bachelor degree or equivalent experience
·  Advance computer skills
·  Fluent in written & spoken English & Japanese
·  Prefer to have QC method/Six sigma

2. Knowledge/Experience

·  Working experience in supply chain, 3 to 5 years
·  Secondary, Working experience in operation and/or logistics at manufacture, 1 to 3years
·  Prefer to have more than 2 years working experience at multinational companies

3. Physical/Mental Requirements

·  Plan Oriented
·  Self-starter
·  Good communication & negotiation skills to all level (from workshop to senior management)
·  Cost conscious

Level of role, Critical MLCs and Competencies
Level of Role: Individual Contributor
• Delivers Consistent Results
• Creates Collaborative Relationships

Key Supporting Competencies

·  Action Oriented
·  Self-starter
·  Planning
·  Priority Setting
·  Customer Focus
·  Managing & Measuring work
·  Sizing up People

Key Functional Competencies & Technical Skills

·  Informing
·  Integrity & trust
·  ERP/System (RCLMS, RYO KPI, Colos, e-factory)
·  Analytical Capability
·  Lean Principles

Job Segment: Lean Six Sigma, ERP, Six Sigma, Management, Technology