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Host-Front Office

  • Zhenjiang, CHINA
  • Sales

Job description

· 遇到客人的投诉或问题,如果不能马上找到解决办法,则汇报给领班/副理。

Reports complaints or problems to Team Leader/ Assistant Manager if no immediate solution can be found.

· 确保客人得到快速、高效、准确的入住登记和结帐离店服务。

Ensures that guests receive a speedy and efficient check in/ out.

· 确保严格遵守酒店的收银程序;所有备用金都要根据财务部设立的政策和程序合理使用。

Ensures that the cashiering procedures are strictly adhered to, that all floats are used appropriately in accordance to Policies & Procedures set by Finance.

· 确保提供给客人的帐单正确,并正确收款。

Ensures that the guests’ bill are presented and collected accordingly.

· 保证具有营销员的态度,并抓住酒店内的一切销售机会。

Ensures a sales attitude is adopted at all times and maintains an awareness of all sales opportunities within the Hotel.

· 根据部门运营手册的标准处理所有抵、离店记录。

Handles all arrival and departure records according to the Standards set in the Departmental Operations Manual.

· 遵守预先设立的可用房安排及房价控制。

Adheres to pre-set availability and rate controls.

· 确保对酒店产品和当地情况的高度了解。

Ensures a high level of product knowledge of hotel and local area.

· 按照前厅部的程序维护并最新客人历史记录及市场数据库。

Maintains and updates guest history and marketing database as laid down in Front office procedures.

· 确保维持高水平的对客服务。

Ensures a high level of customer service is consistently maintained.

· 确保前厅部与其它部门的高度配合。

Ensures a high level of liaison is maintained between Front Office and all other departments within the Hotel.

· 确保将任何来自客人或其它部门的反馈及时并准确地汇报给前厅部经理及大堂副理。

Ensures the Front Office Manager or Duty Manager is kept fully aware of any relevant feedback from wither customers or other departments.

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