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AM - Front Office

  • Changsha ( Changsha Shi )
  • Administration

Job description

· 组织每天所在班次的例会,宣布每天的住房率、到店客人、离店客人、会议宴会以及需要特别注意之处。

Conducts daily pre-shift briefings to associates on room occupancy, arrival and departures, functions/ event and special attention that is needed.

· 在日常运营中与客房部及其他各部门保持紧密的联系。

Liaises with Housekeeping and other related departments on daily operations.

· 礼貌并高效的处理客人的要求及投诉,需要时要向前厅部经理汇报,并且确保及时跟进。

Handles guest enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner and reports guest complaints or problems to Front Office Manager for necessary action and assure follow up with guests.

· 与客人建立并保持良好的宾客关系。

Establishes a rapport with guests, maintaining good customer relationship.

· 确保收银程序能按照严格的标准执行,确保每一个程序符合酒店内部及财务部所制定的政策及程序要求。

Ensures that the cashiering procedures are strictly adhered to and that all floats are used appropriately in accordance to Policies & Procedures set by the Hotel and personnel with access to floats comply with internal Policies & Procedures established by Finance.

· 协调好各种修葺及维护工作以确保酒店财产的正常维护。

Coordinates all Repair and Maintenance and issues repair and maintenance job orders to ensure proper maintenance.

· 在团队的接待工作中发挥主动性及创造性,协调好与销售部、餐饮部及其他部门之间的合作。

To exercise initiative and resourcefulness in all aspects of group handling and to co-ordinate and co-operate with Sales, Rooms and F&B departments in all arrangements.

· 积极地宣传并为酒店获取业务,如:会议宴会、促销、餐厅和其他业务。

To promote and secure business for our hotel, special events, promotions, Outlets and other business.

· 向员工灌输时刻保持主人翁精神,把握每次对客的销售机会,并在传授的过程中身体力行。

To exemplify and instil upon the associate entrepreneurship/ ownership and a sales attitude to maintain awareness of all sales opportunities within the Hotel.

· 确保每一个员工能时刻掌握本酒店及各其他姐妹酒店的实事动态、服务/促销和设施,以实现交叉销售。

To ensure that all staff is constantly updated on accurate information about the Hotel and all sister properties, their services/ promotions and facilities in order to cross sell the Hotels.