Expire bientôt Hilton Worldwide

Security Supervisor

  • Beijing (中华人民共和国)

Description de l'offre

· Regular checks of emergency fire equipments condition when on duty.
· Regularly inspect at public areas, restaurants, floors, office area and each equipment room, to ensure that all guests and team members' safety and comfort, and security situation in the surrounding area.
· Familiar with the hotel's structure and fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm system, fire extinguisher, emergency evacuation exits, FCC, emergency evacuation, emergency public announcement, location and function of security monitoring, security alarm and access control system etc.
熟知酒店的结构以及灭火设备和火灾报警系统、灭火器和紧急疏散出口、火警监控室、 紧急疏散、紧急广播系统、保安监控%5C保安报警%5C门禁等安全设备设施的位置与功能。
· Familiar with the assemble venue outside the hotel.
· Strict compliance the security procedure of fire / bomb threatens etc. hotel safety emergency disposal procedure.
· Familiar with hotel services site, location and function of fire fighting elevator and all kinds of first aid equipment.
· During duty time should coordinate with department and hotel to investigate and report all theft, accidents, injuries, asset damage, destruction, harassment and other incidents for all guests, foreign staffs, and hotel team members.
· Strictly abide the operational procedures of hotel fire prevention, fire fighting, traffic control, and security inspections.
· Personally patrol all the designated areas to ensure the safety of hotel, team members, guests and their property.

Profil recherché

Qualifications :

Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability 工作技能技巧要求:

1. Skilled use fire fighting equipment and facilities.


2. Good communication skills.


3. Report to the superiors since obtain and determine the important information.


4. Familiar with the department and ensure to update relevant knowledge including legal information.

熟识了解您部门的工作, 确保相关知识的更新包括法律方面的信息

5. Experience and ability with disposal of all kinds of emergencies.


6. Abilities of investigations and records the events of hotels, guests, and team members.


7. Cooperation with staffs who come from different countries, different provinces, and different cultural background according to the globalization.