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Data Administrator - Toledo, OH

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Bureau Veritas is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and as such we recruit, hire, train, and promote persons in all job classifications without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, age, marital status, citizen status, sexual orientation, genetics, status as a protected veteran, or any other non-job-related characteristics.

This position is responsible to ensure equal opportunity in employment in that all persons are treated equally and on the basis of merit, in decisions regarding selection, placement, promotions, training, work assignments, transfers and other personnel actions.

City: Toledo


Job Summary
The Environmental Database Administrator is primarily responsible for providing immediate
database support to the Environmental Monitoring Technician, Lead Technician and Site
Supervisor. Responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of a project site’s Leak Detection and
Repair (LDAR) data management system. This includes preserving the accuracy, integrity and
security of all collected and reported data. This position is also responsible for supporting the
project’s Site Supervisor with daily administrative tasks and proactively communicating issues of
concerns with various Summit Inspection and customer personnel.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Perform all work in a safe and healthy manner. Ensure safe work practices are beingmaintained by others, and actively participate in Bureau VeritasInspection Weekly Safety Meetings.
· Report safety hazards, near misses and injuries per Bureau Veritasand customer Health & Safety policies and procedures.
· Become highly knowledgeable with the LDAR database management system being utilized by the project.
· Assist and work directly with Environmental Monitoring Technicians and Environmental Monitoring Lead Technicians by providing database support.
· Ability to work in a organized and systematic manner while working with large quantities of data and interfacing with numerous team members.
· Ability to integrate quality control measures into daily work activities to ensure dataquality and accuracy are maintained at the highest possible level.
· On a daily basis:
· Build technician monitoring routes
· Upload and download data from handheld data collectors
· Track and enter data surrounding leaking components along with associated repairs
· For leaking components proactively communicate status and issues of concern with bureau Veritas, Operations and Maintenance personnel at the project site
· Review and enter field edits submitted by technicians
· Generate reports requested by customer and Site Supervisor
· Manage and close-out outstanding work orders
· Assist customer with database support issues
· Quality Control database for inconsistencies or pending compliance issues.
· Assist Site Supervisor with ongoing administrative support tasks like filing, office upkeep, preparing timesheets, issuing communications, tracking monitoring schedules,inventorying and replenishing supplies.
· When applicable, provide Notification reports (for 1 and 2 day leaks) as required byproject site. Distribute Outstanding Leak Report to various persons throughout theproject per site specific distribution requirements.
· When applicable, generate and distribute high Priority Leak Early Notification Reports(for 1 and 2 day leaks) to key facility maintenance personnel.
· Manage/track LDAR identification tags turned in by bureau Veritasand/or project site personal.
· Communicate ideas for improving operations surrounding the project to the SiteSupervisor.
· Create and maintain a site specific daily operational procedure manually/handbook.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

· Extremely highly level of knowledge surrounding Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)database management systems, or past experience using database managementsystems and the ability to quickly learn and understand LDAR systems.
· At times position can be high pressured and require deadlines to be met with relativelyshort notice. Must have ability to work under these conditions in a deliberate mannerwhile simultaneously supporting the needs of multiple team members.
· Proficiency in various types of basic software programs like Microsoft Word and Excel,Outlook email.
· Good understanding of Summit Inspections’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) andHealth & Safety Management System.
· Ability to be organized and work in a systematic manner.
· Ability to communicate effectively in both written and verbal English.
· Ability to take direction and carry out tasks with minimal supervision.
· Ability to work well with others in a group setting.

Training and Testing Requirements

· Completion of Bureau VeritasInspections’ pre-employment physical exam, drug and alcoholtesting.
· Successfully passing any site-specific drug and/or alcohol testing.
· Successful completion of any regional specific training programs associated by local orstate agencies (e.g., Los Angeles County Refinery Safety Overview training program).
· When required, completion of Transportation Working Identification Credential (TWIC)program followed by verification via a TWIC card.
· Completion of Summit LDAR consent decree (CD) and EPA Method 21 training.
· Thorough review of Bureau VeritasInspections’ SOP manual and Health & Safety ManagementSystem.
· Completion of Site Specific training programs, and thorough overview of all site specificrules, policies and requirements.
· Completion of general field overview of LDAR components & equipment (in fieldtraining).

Credentials and Experience

· High school diploma or equivalent.
· Previous experience working with database management systems, large quantities ofdata and commonly used Microsoft Office software.

Physical Demands/Work Environment

· Working at a desk and on a computer for prolonged periods of time.
· At the Site Supervisor’s discretion, may be required to complete field work. This mayrequire carrying an air monitoring device, data logger, hand tools and miscellaneousequipment that weigh about 15-20 lbs. The monitoring devices are carried in abackpack. Other tools and equipment are carried on a tool belt or in pockets.
· The work involves ascending stairs, climbing vertical ladders, and working from elevatedheights (sometimes with personal fall protection equipment) while wearing equipmentdescribed above.
· All outdoor work is performed wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), which includes a hardhat, fire retardant coveralls, safety glasses, hearing protection, safety boots and when required, a 5- point safety harness.

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