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SDM (Software Development Manager), - Alexa Shopping - Product Knowledge

  • Seattle (King)
  • Développement informatique

Description de l'offre


Our vision is that Alexa will be the world's most knowledgeable product expert who knows you, in a store that sells everything. All those moments when we need or want to know more about the products we use every day, will have instant satisfaction of an answer: just ask Alexa.
What is the softest pillow? Amazon's product reviews answer this question. You need to help us get at that data and surface it for our customers.

When customers ask if a product is “green,” are they referring to the color of the product, or its environmental qualities? Your code will make this decision.

When should I change my water filter? You will need to cross reference purchase history and product accessory info to help Alexa get this one right.

We are building a digital product expert that is always available, with super-human knowledge of every product ever made.

We are seeking a Software Development Manager to build and lead a team of engineers in our Seattle site that will own the Product Language Understanding service driving Alexa's ability to understand customers' detailed questions about products. Your team will build the Natural Language Understanding logic required to classify and comprehend a range of complex product questions and break them down into the component question shapes, entities and attributes needed to answer them accurately.

You'll build sophisticated machine learning techniques using real customer data to improve the precision and coverage of product related questions we can answer. You will ship new customer-facing improvements every sprint.

The platform you build will get better over time, learning from new data, user behaviour, and better models to provide more helpful and relevant answers to an ever-growing number of questions.

In this role, you will lead a team to design, develop, test, and deploy massively scalable services, while at the same time redefining customer's expectations for what an intelligent assistant can answer.

You will hire and develop a world-class team of engineers, with a deep understanding of agile software development methodologies, and a strong foundation in machine learning. You will work closely with product owners, engineering leaders, and leadership across the company with excellent communication skills.

Profil recherché


· 3+ years of experience managing software engineering teams
· 6+ years of software development experience in object-oriented design and coding in Java, C++, or related technologies
· Proven track record of releasing customer facing features on massive-scale services
· A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent