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Software Development Engineer, AWS Internet of Things (IoT) Analytics

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Software Development Engineer – AWS IoT Analytics & Actions

Imagine a world where connected devices and their data are ubiquitous. What problems would you solve if you knew the state of everything in the world?

Would you improve crop yields and fight hunger, enable fleets of autonomous electric vehicles to replace cars, save lives with medical equipment that orders a repair for itself, or make every home a smart home? Software development engineers on the AWS IoT Customer Experience Team are enabling customers to build this connected future.


We are the IoT Analytics and Actions Team for the Amazon Web Services Internet of Things (AWS IoT) organization. We are seeking a Software Development Engineer to develop user interfaces and services that our customers customers use to configure and operate production IoT solutions. We use modern web technologies like Typescript, Angular.js, and LESS to build highly interactive user interfaces which reduce the complexity of building an IoT solution. We are in the business of solving problems like "how does a developer onboard a fleet of 1,000,000 devices?" and "how does an operator quickly troubleshoot operational issues at scale?". Our larger team of expert consists of software engineers, UX designers, design technologists, and user researchers who deliver user interfaces from concept to production.


You are a software developer with industry experience who is passionate about enhancing customer satisfaction and building beautiful interfaces. If developing productive and delightful customer experiences is rewarding, we have the right challenge for you. You should have a good understanding of building usable, high performance web applications. You will define optimal customer experience and work on the end to end integration with the backend service. All of our development is customer-centric, and you should feel strongly not only about building and releasing good software, but about making that software highly reliable to customers around the world. You should be someone who enjoys working with some of the smartest software engineers in the industry working on best-in-class user interfaces to deliver significant impact for the AWS IoT business…and it won't hurt if you enjoy having frosty beverages and pizza with us at our weekly learning series and happy hour!

Key responsibilities:

· Design, build and optimize the AWS IoT Front end and integration
· Define optimal customer experience for building IoT solutions
· Empower developers to analyze and act on insights from their devices and manage complex, multi-layered solutions
· Define UI styling strategies
· Integrate and help define the APIs of the backend services
· Ensure highest quality software to meet the needs of our customers
· Participate in the hiring process for AWS

The AWS IoT Console presents a new challenge for AWS consoles: providing an interactive, responsive, and real-time web interface to manage millions of entities. How does the web stack need to change to support these new requirements? How do we surface the most relevant information to the customer and reduce signal-to-noise ratio?

The AWS IoT Console is also working closely with the AWS UX team to raise the bar on AWS console experiences in areas of usability and visual appearance.

Join the AWS IoT team and help us define the future of AWS consoles and work on challenging new frontiers in web application architecture!

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Basic Qualifications
· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field, or 4+ years relevant work experience
· 2+ years working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript
· 2+ years of web application code design and architecture
· Proficient in 1 or more core languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python, Ruby, and Node.js)
· Ability to convert a design document into a working user interface with no loss in fidelity
· Knowledge of usability principles, cross-browser compatibility, and HTML document architecture
· Experience integrating with backend services or full stack development