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Principal UX Designer, New Initiatives

  • Internship
  • Seattle (King)
  • Sales

Position filled!

Job description


We are looking for a Principal UX Designer to start a new project with strategic significance and high exposure. This role requires deep functional expertise, excellent leadership skills, and the ability to hit the ground running. You will be responsible for solving complex problems that will scale globally for multiple customer targets. As a foundational member of this growing team, you will drive establishing design frameworks and concepts that will accelerate the entire team to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Responsibilities include:
· Lead cross-product conceptual development that unifies a set of products ensuring seamless customer experiences.
· Drive design-led innovation in some of our most complex spaces.
· Model excellence in design thinking approaches and tools to a growing team of designers.
· Lead team-wide bar-raising design mechanisms to ensure the highest-quality work is delivered.
· Invent and develop scalable tools to accelerate the impact of designers across the team.
· Lead foundational UX work for new business opportunity areas as they arise.
· Present design work to cross-functional teams and Amazon executives for review and feedback.