Offers “Accor”

Expire bientôt Accor

Storekeeper & Receiving

  • جدة, السعودية
  • Accounting / Management control

Job description

The warehouse governorate has the proper storage of all commodities in the regions with appropriate turnover. To be consistent with the basic lines of the department and with S. Business Concepts

Tasks, terms and conditions

• Maintain a good value
• Maintaining the store organized, clean and carefully arranged
• Unpacking the mail and the appropriate distribution
• Provides departments with inventory when they are promoted to work authorized persons


Security, safety and health

• It works with authentication with security in cases of theft and any violation
• Periodically inspects clazen, refrigerators and freezers, and reports any violations to the Financial Director
• Informs about all existing dangers and love
• fully aware of the presidential team
• Follows the necessary security and safety emergency procedures
• Work with an organized mindset that does not harm himself or others
• It raises the prudence and secures the lifting equipment
• Hotel performance instructions, hotel instructions and respect for existing laws and regulations
• All white, white, or marine dangers are taken into consideration and the financial manager is notified of them
• Maintains the highest levels of personal hygiene, clothing, dress, appearance and body language gestures



• Assists the Financial Manager in making a monthly work inventory
• Attends all multimedia, by Mali
• Flexibly accepts any work schedule required for uninterrupted service
Maintains an active, tidy and well-maintained area
• A working report to the financial manager of any damage to materials or production
• He works continuously to do his job
• Known:
- Fire, emergency and bomb procedures in the hotel
Public health policies and procedures
- Hotel facilities and surrounding areas such as hospitals, preservation stations and tourist areas
- Clients of the company who achieve the highest level of work
- Laborers