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Night Audit

  • Sheffield ( South Yorkshire )
  • Accounting / Management control

Job description

Key tasks

 Welcomes guests who arrive late and takes care of them until their departure
 Contributes to guest satisfaction by providing a high standard of service in line with norms and procedures
 Is responsible for the hotel once the daytime managers are off duty
 Helps the department meet its quantitative and qualitative targets
 Ensures the safety of property and people
 Customer relations
 Provides a warm and personalised welcome to guests
 Anticipates guests' needs and takes them into consideration
 Handles any guest complaints and/or remarks
 Conveys the hotel image
 Takes care of the arrival and departure processes for guests, ensuring they take as little time as possible
 Informs guests about the formalities, any special conditions relating to their stay and the services available
 Handles phone calls and manages the reservation schedule
 Follows up any customer requests (wake-up calls, taxi, breakfast room service etc)
 Writes a report on activities and incidents that occur during the night
 Ensures that guest documentation at reception and in the lobby is available and up-to-date
 Respects the procedures governing invoicing and cash operations
 Is responsible for the reception's cash holdings
 Establishes the closing and nightly activity reports for hotel management
Around 25 hours per week