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Job description

Job Description

· The receptionists will be the first person that guests will approach for any service or assistance. The greetings and attitudes of the Front Desk will influence a lot on guest’s perception about our hotel overall.
· Being at the service of the guest, the first task of the Receptionist is to be available at any time for a guest and to take extra care of him by an automatic greeting with smile, warm & positive attitude. The guest will feel they are welcomed at any time. The guest will be always the first priority for a Receptionist.

· Greeting /Attitude : In any circumstances, the receptionist will be smiley, willing to help the guest, will ensure a warm greeting to any guest arriving from 3 meters of the Front Desk and will keep permanently a positive attitude.

Follow–up : The receptionist will act quickly and efficiently, following the instructions received from her/ his supervisor

Organization : He/she will ensure that his/ her sections is perfectly tidy at any time, the accessories & stationary used for the operations are refilled as often as required and the circuits of operations are followed strictly

· Communication : He/she will be attentive on all information received during the different briefing such as the Daily FD Supervisor briefing. During his/her shift. He/she will report quickly any problems or questions to his/her supervisor. The Receptionist will read the FD logbook at the beginning of shift, follow up and keep it updated during his/ her shift.
· Immigration records : The receptionist will ensure to collect all immigration details for all guests who checked in during his/her shift
· Clubs bookings & VIP : The Receptionist will be attentive that each VIP guest arriving at the Front Desk is processed quickly. To communicate with the Guest Relation Officer/Butler efficiently to ensure that they have time to prepare the Check-in.

· Movements in the space : The receptionist will standby at the Front Desk and will leave this place only with prior authorization of the FD Supervisor and for a valid reason (lunch, dinner).
· Guest requests follow up : The Receptionist will be ready to help the guest in any of his request and will guide him to the right person when it is required. The receptionist will ensure at any time that no guest is waiting for too long to have somebody available at the Front Desk: To get a room or waiting for the Duty Manager.
· Handover : End of each shift, the receptionist will clear his/her station totally and do a full and detailed handover to the following shift. He/she will check detaily that his/her cashier report is correct with all backup attached
· Selling/ Upselling : The receptionist has selling role. He/she has to ensure that all the payment received are accurate with the rate given and he/she has to increase the hotel revenue by trying to the upsell the guest who are checking in a tactful manner and in line with the upselling procedures.

· Privacy : The receptionist will be attentive to respect the privacy/ confidentiality of the information, or guest names available. He/she will ensure not to transmit any guest name, or guest history information.
· Security : the receptionist has to know his/her duties & responsibilities in the eventuality of fire.
· To ensure that all the standards and procedures established at the Pullman Vungtau are reached successfully and sustainably
· To be responsible for adhering to Pullman Vung tau staff rules and regulations as detailed in the Pullman Vungtau staff handbook.
· To be ready and responsible when assigned to perform any other duties or job functions as required by Executive, Senior Management