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F/T Receptionist - Great opportunity!

  • City of London ( Greater London )
  • Administration

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties

• The hotel team member takes part in the daily tasks associated with the profit centre's operations.
• He/she helps provide continual satisfaction for guests by ensuring top quality service in compliance with current standards, procedures and legislation.'

Customer relations

• Delivers a wide range of guest services (welcome, reservation, breakfast, rooms, bathrooms etc)
• Provides a personal welcome for guests and creates a warm and friendly atmosphere
• Helps gain the loyalty of existing clientele
• May be called on to handle any guest complaints or problems, reporting them to the General Manager
• Encourages synergy within the marketplace by applying the inter-hotel coordination policy'

Management and administration

• In charge of invoicing and cash operations
• Checks cash levels and ensures that holdings are securely stored
• May be required to close hotel operations at the end of the day
• May be required to check deliveries'

Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment

• Takes part in hotel cleaning operations, interior and exterior, ensuring compliance with current standards and hygiene regulations
• Helps ensure the technical maintenance of the hotel and keeps any equipment (s)he uses in good condition
• Ensures the safety of the people and property in the hotel
• Ensures the correct application of all legislation, particularly protection laws regarding alcohol, prostitution, discrimination and drugs '

Skills / Qualities

Adaptability, team spirit, a thorough approach, service minded, welcoming and well organised.