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  • Pune ( Pune )
  • Design / Civil engineering / Industrial engineering

Job description

Key tasks

Overview of duties
'• Contributes to guest satisfaction:
• by preparing ''hot'' and/or ''cold'' dishes in line with the concept procedures and the supervisor's instructions
• by helping deliver the dishes
• by respecting the food health and safety standards and procedures
• Contributes to the appropriate management of raw materials'
Main responsibilities
'The level of responsibility may vary according to the employee's next target qualification
in the Players multicompetence development programme (Qualified, Expert or Leader)'
Professional techniques / Production
'• Creates and presents the dishes in line with technical guidelines and the supervisor's instructions
• Adapts work to fluctuations in volume of guests, to special events and particular guests
• Helps receive deliveries and tidies food items according to the storage guidelines
• Guarantees the high standard of the dishes prepared'
Management and administration
'• Follows the technical guidelines and preparation processes to the letter, avoiding all waste
• Manages inventories and orders for food products, adapting stocks to variations in consumption
• Manages kitchen appliances
• Is in charge of calculating cooking ratios'
Hygiene / Personal safety / Environment
'• Ensures that the workplace and storage areas remain clean and tidy, and the safety of consumable goods by always respecting HACCP regulations
• Respects the instructions and safety guidelines for the equipment (s)he uses
• Applies the hotel's security regulations (in case of fire etc)
• Applies the ISO 9001 quality certification requirements that impact his/her role
• Respects the hotel's commitments to the ''Environment Charter'' (saving energy, recycling, sorting waste etc) and meets Ibis' ISO 14001 environmental commitments as applicable to the role, if the hotel is involved in the programme.'