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At Abbott, we're committed to helping people live their best possible life through the power of health. For more than 125 years, we've brought new products and technologies to the world -- in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices and branded generic pharmaceuticals -- that create more possibilities for more people at all stages of life. Today, 99,000 of us are working to help people live not just longer, but better, in the more than 150 countries we serve.


Primary Job Function:

Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.

Provide support to Abbott Diagnostics Division (ADD) customers and field personnel as the primary contact for troubleshooting and resolving instrument and/or reagent problems; provide on-site and critical account support where required; handle high volume or critical; high-risk accounts in addition to other routine requests. May train customers and other members of the CSC.

Core Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for implementing and maintaining the effectiveness of the quality system.

Handle customer phone calls: analyze problems; diagnose probable causes; systematically eliminate

alternatives; provide troubleshooting solutions. Direct customer in troubleshooting activities; test success of troubleshooting or repair. Document product complaints within established guidelines. Recognize and communicate repeated product issues Provide data to the organization on customer use/preferences leading to customer driven design/customer usability. Investigate individual problems and identify causes; develop solutions. Escalate problems to appropriate resource level for solution. Provide training and information: Present project results or product technical information. Use problem-solving activities to increase customer self-sufficiency. Conduct classroom and one-on-one training. Take initiative to make changes to improve how work is done: adopt process improvement focus (kaizen). Influence product design/reliability improvement.

Work with the customer to integrate instruments into their laboratory work flow, prepare customers to take ownership of the instrument; manage process to meet customer expectations and timelines. Frequent interaction with customers over the telephone, some involvement in CSC teams and critical account management. Interact with field service, TSS, vendors or others on technical issues. Establish and maintain active communication with sales and marketing regarding customer issues. Present technical information to direct management/peers and other functional groups. Analyzes discrete issues and provides solutions. Probes for information (pursues leads), applies standard troubleshooting tools or concepts to identify the real issue and its root cause, distinguishes between customer resolvable issues and referrals, identifies consequences and develops solutions e.g. differentiates Abbott product issue from customer misuse; determines level of urgency.

Analyzes Issues in Context and Provides Solutions. Pulls together information from multiple customers to consider the perceived problem and its context, does not stop at the first answer, identifies potential issues; develops recommendations that reflect customer and Abbott business needs; e.g.; determines root cause of problem rather than sending out replacement product; gives customer information to prevent future problems.; Clarifies Ideas. Organizes thoughts and information into clear explanations or presentations; identifies the central theme; coordinates related ideas into a cohesive structure; e.g.; organizes troubleshooting information in a logical sequence.

Identifies Patterns. Identifies missing information or recognizes underlying issues; identifies patterns that cut across several situations or customer issues; determines alternatives by considering the impact of the solution on costs; performance and the business; e.g.; understands how instrument usage affects laboratory processes.; Effectively Manages Time. Defines tasks necessary to meet goals; prioritizes tasks; organizes own activities and time to complete multi-faceted tasks and assignments, e.g.; prioritizes tasks in order to cover emergencies; participates with group to develop project timeline and complete required action items. Makes Decisions. Evaluates alternative courses of action and reaches sound decisions; determines the need to

escalate issues; identifies and explains the short and long term effects of decisions, e.g. knows when to stop reacting and place emphasis on prevention; recognizes financial implications of decisions. Evaluates Impact. Assesses the impact a decision will have on the company and customers; makes critical on the- spot decisions when necessary; evaluates the implications of new information or events, e.g. determines benefits/drawbacks of dispatching a Field Service Representative (FSR) or replacing a product at no charge to the customer. Satisfies customer requirements. Identifies customer needs and anticipates problems; identifies issues requiring resolution; seeks feedback from customers and uses it for improving service level, recommends alternatives to maintain customer satisfaction; e.g. proactively notifies a customer rep or TTS of customer need; changes behavior based on customer survey results; recognizes customer needs and recommends training program.

Works Collaboratively with Customers. Establishes partnership relationships with customers; works

collaboratively to both educate and learn, assists in implementation and follow-up, understands the customer's business and anticipates how ADD products can help improve productivity and effectiveness; e.g.; jointly develops customized integration process; identifies customer need and recommends an additional product; Actively Listens. Listens actively to acquire information and understand the other's viewpoint; asks questions to elicit further information; reads non-verbal and tone of voice cues and adjusts manner accordingly, verifies understanding of others' inputs; e.g.; identifies customer issue by using good probing questions; responds empathetically to concerns of a peer; restates customer concern during interaction. Exchanges Information. Exchanges information internally and externally with appropriate frequency and within a time frame to maximize its utility; verifies information is understood by recipient; confirms agreement to action plan, e.g. sends follow-up letter to customer; notifies sales rep of customer problem; shares information and knowledge with peers.

Makes Presentations. Makes presentations to peers; managers and areas outside of CSC, creates

presentation and training materials, e.g. translates problem-solving task into training opportunity; uses data and presents within own functional area to influence decision. Speaks and Writes Effectively. Presents ideas clearly and concisely; adjusts communication to audience needs; defines appropriate communication method for disseminating information; e.g.; explains clinical applications or procedures; converses with customer at their level of expertise; writes technical documents; documents information clearly. Acts Proactively. Takes initiative to exert a positive influence on business productivity; confronts issues in a constructive manner and at an appropriate organizational level; takes ownership.

Motivates Self and Others. Encourages others to achieve goals; stimulates others to think out of the box;

inspires others to reach new milestones; displays a positive attitude, e.g. sets challenging goals for self and others; turns negative conversations toward the positive.

Influences Others. Asserts own ideas; persuades others to support a course of action, e.g. offers a

persuasive argument for change to initial plan; influences without having formal authority; works with

management to build support for projects. Present benefits of action plans to customer. Persuades customer to work with CSC rather than dispatch service.; Receives/Gives Feedback. Asks for and gives constructive feedback on the strengths and development needs of self/others; e.g.; completes a feedback assessment tool for a peer or section manager; requests a feedback session after an important milestone; participates in a team performance process review. Identifies current and future development needs. Stays aware of business goals and technology advances to identify needed skills; knowledge and experience; e.g.; determines the need for a transition to using new software application or tools. Plans and Achieves Development Goals. Prepares a plan that sets appropriate development goals; balances the time needed for accomplishing current work and achieving development goals; e.g.; has a clearly defined development plan. Coaches/Mentors Others. Provides coaching/mentoring in technical and organizational areas; tracks progress; gives feedback; e.g.; provides tutorials or on-the-job training; gives constructive and timely feedback; completes training checklists; acts as new employee buddy.; Establishes Relationships. Initiates and cultivates open; honest relationships with co-workers and internal and external customers; develops an understanding of others' needs and follows through on commitments; e.g.; establishes network of contacts within sphere of work; ensures timely response to customer inquiries; build relationship with CARES Account to resolve ongoing issue. Demonstrates Empathy. Recognizes other's moods and adjusts accordingly; remains approachable and creates a sense of calm; maintains composure; acknowledges customer implied and expressed feelings while remaining objective; diffuses volatile situations; e.g.; acknowledges customer pressures and acts calmly to

resolve the difficulty. Negotiates/Resolves Conflicts. Clearly defines issues; options and expectations; seeks mutually acceptable solutions in negotiations and disagreements; balances the customer's and the company's needs; gains agreement and solidifies agreed upon options; e.g.; negotiates feasibility of requested service; resolves conflicts within own work sphere. Trains/Educates. Guides others in acquiring knowledge and skill; keeps customers informed of services; limitations and procedures; e.g.; leads a group or individual through a process; informs customers of procedures and their importance. Actively Participates in Meetings and Teams. Actively participates in customer or team meetings by offering pro and con suggestions; works toward consensus; e.g.; works on a project team to improve procedures and processes. Shows Commitment to Team Objectives. Follows through on goals; contributes willingly and acknowledges the ideas of others; shares resources; knowledge and accountability to benefit the objectives of the business;

e.g.; solves problems with peers; contributes to effective teamwork; accepts responsibility for action items; Improves Processes. Recognizes process gaps/flaws; develops and implements own ideas; questions usefulness of procedures; continually seeks to improve processes;

e.g.; identifies opportunities for simplifying processes; listens to and applies others' ideas.; Delivers

Preferential Service. Supports customers according to their type of business and value to ADD; understands the customer's business; e.g.; carries out a personalized support plan for preferred customer.; Aligns Work with Business Goals. Carries out responsibilities in line with department priorities; understands scope of processes; e.g.; provides accurate and timely information to assist with operational decisions. USO strategies and provides technical and process advice to customers on that basis; e.g.; evaluates the costs and implications of upgrading or using alternative equipment.

Aligns Strategy to Customer Needs. Modifies practices and technical recommendations to accommodate

internal and external customer needs; understands the implications of USO strategies and provides technical and process advice to customers on that basis; e.g.; evaluates the costs and implications of upgrading or using alternative equipment.

Position Accountability / Scope:

Accomplish results individually and in collaboration on teams and work groups.

Recognize the impact of the policies and procedures on the business and raise the issue if there is a potential conflict. Consider financial implications as part of decision making. Perform work in accordance with defined method and procedures. Give customer information to all relevant internal areas. Conduct effective customer and employee product training classes independently. Recommend improvements to training materials; create or modify training materials with supervision. Define and communicate own performance and development goals aligned with department goals.

Minimum Education:

Knowledge of regulations and standards affecting IVDs and Biologics.

Bachelor's Degree in science or Degree in electronics or IT; or equivalent experience in laboratory

environment; field service or Abbott Diagnostics products with 3-5 years' work experience preferred.


Customer Service


ADD Diagnostics


United States > Irving : LC-02





Yes, 10 % of the Time


Not Applicable


Continuous sitting for prolonged periods (more than 2 consecutive hours in an 8 hour day), Continuous standing for prolonged periods (more than 2 consecutive hours in an 8 hour day), Continuous walking for prolonged periods (more than 2 hours at a time in an 8 hour day), Keyboard use (greater or equal to 50% of the workday)

Abbott is an Equal Opportunity Employer of Minorities/Women/Individuals with Disabilities/Protected Veterans.

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